nuclear chemist

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a chemist who specializes in nuclear chemistry


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Shahristani, an Iraqi nuclear chemist, spent 11 years in prison during the rule of deposed president Saddam Hussein.
In chemistry, you can't get any simpler than an element," says Ken Moody, a nuclear chemist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.
a nuclear chemist and professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh.
LeRoy Grantham, a retired nuclear chemist, painstakingly finds, condenses and puts up the catchy messages.
A nuclear chemist and Nobel Laureate, Seaborg was co-discoverer of plutonium and nine other transuranic elements.
But Haines, a gentle, precise, and conscientious nuclear chemist who's also helping NASA study Mars, and Block, a physicist who's searched for "the solar solution" to global crises since the early 1980s, were scientists who wanted to save the world, not start a business.
A nuclear chemist by training, he and his colleagues at Varian worked closely over the years with Stanford scientists in the Department of Radiation Oncology to pioneer linear accelerators for cancer treatment.
Chatt is the second Canadian nuclear chemist to receive the award since its inception in 1968.
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