nuclear cataract

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a cataract that affects the nucleus of the lens

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43) Patients chewing paan have a characteristic red stained mouth (see Figure 2) and should be advised that smokeless tobacco is associated significantly with development of nuclear cataract.
An external incision of 6-7mm in cortical and nuclear cataract of grade 1 and 11 and >7mm in grade 111 and above was given 1.
Levels 4 and 5 were considered to be cases of nuclear cataract in this and previous publications of prevalence data (Klein, Klein, & Linton, 1992).
17) A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition that involved 1,600 men and women showed a strong relationship between higher intakes of lutein and zeaxanthin and lower risk of nuclear cataracts.
s [23] studies confirm that a lack of decomposition of nuclei and their degradation causes nuclear cataracts in the mouse lens due to the accumulation of undigested DNA in the cytoplasm of fiber cells.
The team found that women who consumed foods rich in vitamins and minerals were at a 37% reduced risk of developing nuclear cataracts.
Associations between age-related nuclear cataract and lutein and zeaxanthin in the diet and serum in the carotenoids in the age-related eye disease study (CAREDS), an ancillary study of the Women's Health Initiative.
A study of 1,299 patients found that the odds of developing a nuclear cataract were 60 percent lower among those taking statins compared with non-users.
After reviewing eye-exam results from 1,299 trial participants, the researchers found that 210 had developed a nuclear cataract since their previous exam.
Other significant variation of our study was that the nuclear cataract was most common among our population.
A nuclear cataract is the most common type and is related to the aging process.
An observational study done by Tufts University and the Harvard Medical School in Boston found that women who consumed the highest levels of vitamin C had a 60% lower risk of developing a nuclear cataract than those who consumed the lowest levels.
founder and director of cataract and laser vision services at Center For Sight in Sarasota, FL, performed LensAR assisted cataract surgery on a 69 year old patient with a dense nuclear cataract.
Torsional ultrasound efficiency under different vacuum levels in different degrees of nuclear cataract.
In the subgroup analysis, former and current smokers showed a positive association with two of the subtypes - nuclear cataract, when the clouding is in the central nucleus of the eye, and subscapular cataract, when the clouding is in the rear of the lens capsule.