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Rambutan and pulasan produce edible fruits encased in coverings that have nubby or hairlike projections.
Filling out the three remaining cabinet posts are: Emmitt Martin, a chocolate Lab from Houston, TX, as Secretary of Play Time; Storm Groff, a German shepherd dog from Blackwood, NJ, as Treasurer of Treats; and Nubby Day, a Boston terrier from Matthews, NC, as Director of Pet Pampering.
They are orange and black-striped with these nubby deformed tails like rudders that shake very quickly, back and forth, when they dart across my back porch chasing away the squirrels.
Besides the skirts, the collection -- shown in a stadium in eastern Paris that was plunged into darkness for the occasion -- was dominated by floor-length tank dresses in nubby blacks, charcoal grays and khakis.
This part of the gut absorbs critical nutrients such as protein, carbs and fats through nubby little fingers (called villi) and sends them into the bloodstream to nourish the body's cells.
Moreover, from the beginning--and for decades-Colt Commanders came with nubby little grip tangs that bit the snot out of shooters' hands.
It's most often made into a looped Berber with a nubby weave that conceals dirt.
He holds the dog out, the cocker's nubby tail thumping against Jim's wrist.
In one mode, SaSi puts you in control of its countless nubby sensation patterns, and in the other, this intelligent vibe takes you through 36 preprogrammed settings, allowing you to single out your favorites with a click of a button.
The bright green machine, with its yellow seat and nubby black tires, sat before the jury box as defense attorney Jim Brogan disputed evidence presented against Deere and local distributor Ramsey-Waite Co.
My nubby fingers plunked away at the virtual keys, misfiring with abandon.
His "bathing suit," it turns out, is more like nubby blue underwear than a Speedo.
She wore a hot pink nubby wool suit, then the height of fashion, her hair caught up in a neat French twist.
For the texture of a devil's food cake, let's say, we used a stiff, good-sized oil painting brush to give that nubby texture.