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the quality of being the present

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Regardless of content, Zoella's vlogs are centered around performances of authenticity (this is the real, private me even though I also lead this extraordinary life), trustworthiness ("I am lucky to do the things I love," as she wrote in her celebration blog post), access (the continuous invoking of "you guys") and a temporality of presence and continuity (I am right here in front of you again right now) such as, for example, when she aims her camera at some solid bathing soap dissolving in a foam of colors in her bathtub and, with her characteristic emphasis on nowness, urges her audience: "You can watch as it happens.
The students work is in turn judged by a prestigious panel of WPO aficionados, including Anne Bourgeois-Vignon, the acclaimed Creative Content Director at NOWNESS and Tom Rowntree, Vice President Brand Management Upscale & Luxury Brands, Europe from IHG.
The result is a problem presumably as familiar to filmmakers as it is to religious thinkers: "How do we manifest nowness in the ongoing context of the relative?
Perhaps I can love and accept right here, right now, even if that nowness sometimes involves a Happy Meal, a raised voice, red food coloring, or an Elmo movie.
In Laberinto, the protagonist recognizes his facticity but his words must be approached with caution because it is misleading to read the assertion of humanity's immediacy, that is to say the state of nowness, as a harmonious collection of conditions as the pronominal verb "compaginar" suggests.
The fervor of nowness displaces the thoughtfulness of ripeness.
The essence of nowness," Santayana remarked, "runs like fire along the fuse of time.
The job entails managing "the nowness of the Web site," says Carole Tarrant, the Times' editor, and includes churning out the new headlines on the newspaper's Twitter feed throughout the day.
For me, that is, the mystery of 'the nowness of now'.
In the book she says: "In some ways, the Victorian shopping arcades could be described as the St David's 2 Centre of the late 1800s and that, like the new development, they sought to make a statement about Cardiff on a national stage: demonstrating the city's modernity, its nowness.