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an insignificant place

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Nowhere Near You is narrated by two eloquent and intelligent protagonists who are just as odd and complicated as the world they inhabit.
That would make him 61 this year, which also cannot be described as being nowhere near 63.
Yet three and a half years have passed, and the Iraqi army is nowhere near ready to take over.
Bob Dylan is old enough to be selecting his Medicare prescription drug plan, but he's nowhere near retirement.
That's enough food for a hen to notice, but nowhere near enough to satisfy its craving.
I only have 91 at-bats this season and I'm nowhere near where I should be at the plate,'' Erstad said.
We have received a number of enquiries about the sale of the apartments and we have engaged Goldman Sachs to investigate the potential for doing such a transaction, but now we are nowhere near deciding if there is going to be a sale," he said.
In mid-December, NBC News obtained a 400-page Pentagon document showing how the three-year-old Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) was conducting surveillance and collecting data on protesters nowhere near military facilities, such as an anti-recruitment Quaker group meeting in Lake Worth, Florida, and an antiwar demonstration at the decidedly nonmilitary intersection of Hollywood and Vine.
While these tactics offer a degree of security, it comes nowhere near the high level of certainty that digitally signed electronic documents provide.
Other Complete Skillet Dinners, which have nowhere near enough vegetables to be "complete," have 7 to 10 grams of sat fat and about 500 calories per serving.
While most know of Darwin, fewer will have heard of the controversial scientist Wallace, a traveler and spiritualist who shared the discovery but received nowhere near the fame.
When the children's annoying parents return from a weekend away, the mother is convinced that the children have drowned in the flood though the flood water is nowhere near their house.
Despite what you might have read online, he was nowhere near the place.
Chiquita lost over a billion dollars in Europe during the banana ban, according to the company, and has nowhere near the 40 percent market share it once enjoyed.