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an insignificant place

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The boats, and trains, and cows and horses were quite meaningless to him, but not quite so baffling as the odd little figures which appeared beneath and between the colored pictures--some strange kind of bug he thought they might be, for many of them had legs though nowhere could he find one with eyes and a mouth.
In their travels they saw many marvelous and fearful things, and at length came to the wonderful land of Nowhere.
When the book was finished and I came to look around to see what had become of the team I had originally started out with-- Aunt Patsy Cooper, Aunt Betsy Hale, and two boys, and Rowena the lightweight heroine--they were nowhere to be seen; they had disappeared from the story some time or other.
He went nowhere, save to the pawnbroker, took no exercise, and ate methodically when he was hungry and had something to cook, and just as methodically went without when he had nothing to cook.
Over all was that air of abandonment and decay which seems nowhere so fit and significant as in a village of the forgotten dead.
The supply of food, on an average, remains constant, yet the tendency in every animal to increase by propagation is geometrical; and its surprising effects have nowhere been more astonishingly shown, than in the case of the European animals run wild during the last few centuries in America.
Oh nowhere, nowhere,' he returned with excessive mildness.
Yet, in spite of this, nowhere in all America will you find more patrician-like houses; parks and gardens more opulent, than in New Bedford.
When the three servants came to the forest, nothing was there but a rose-tree and one rose on it, but the children were nowhere.
Those who think that a man betrays his character nowhere more clearly than when he is playing a game might on this draw subtle inferences.
The 18-year-old was left with 'nowhere to run and nowhere to hide' after becoming trapped in Andrew Green's Audi.
But in The Nowhere Girls, three young women have had enough of the predators roaming the halls of their high school.
The Nowhere Emporium focuses on Daniel Holmes, a Scottish orphan in a children's home who is adopted by Lucien Silver, owner of the mystical, mysterious Nowhere Emporium and becomes his assistant.
NOWHERE, PICO IYER claims, is the most interesting destination.
Nowhere for a man in the endless cosmos to rest his weary head.