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a Roman Catholic devotion consisting of prayers on nine consecutive days

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BlasA@ will be held in Sebaste, Antique, where a Eucharistic celebration, novenas, and a solemn procession will be held.
Otro testimonio de su impronta entre los devotos de color fue la literatura religiosa, la influencia de hagiografias y novenas es muy dificil de medir entre la comunidad de fieles, pero fueron los medios por los cuales se dieron a conocer la vida y virtudes de los santos, y sirvieron para configurar su iconografia.
The Konkani community brought in Reverend Father Bruno Leitao from Goa to preach during the novenas.
Church authorities and the others around made sure that the nine days Novenas and Feast remained
It is very well known that some females conduct nine day novena to St Joseph in prayer to find them suitable partners and many have been successful.
Novenas usually consist of a brief scripture passage, a novena-specific prayer that is repeated every day, some type of litany or petition/response prayer, and often a hymn or canticle.
El estudioso investigador Jesus de la vega Garcia (Atienza 1961) ha recogido en un volumen algo mas alla de lo que ya indica el titulo, puesto que no solo ha recopilado los textos de las novenas que tradicionales tenian lugar en la historica villa de Atienza, sino que ademas presenta una infinidad de datos historicos sobre las principales devociones de la localidad asi como de las instituciones que las han mantenido: las parroquias, las cofradias, los conventos.
I got on the Internet and pulled a bunch of novenas out," recalls Ms.
By 1939, forty-four parishes and convents in the Pittsburgh diocese offered weekly novenas of their own.
At Mass, Benedictions, novenas, we huddled in great damp clumps, dozing through priest drone, while steam rose again from our clothes.
Patrick's parish in downtown Toronto for example, Filipinos are the strongest supporters of weekly novenas.
Jean Jacques drags a hermit from the woods deep and dark he wants to find a home for him near his own hearth While they're botanizing in a bush he catches sight of one of the twenty-eight shirts of his a thief keeps in hiding a hare making a delivery goes between two manzanillas Rousseau's thinking of Italy while the hermit says novenas I love to sing romances in the back of my canoe and in the woods beneath the branches to watch the river flow.
Commemorative masses, novenas and the traditional blessing of throats will be held in many Catholic churches tomorrow in observance of his feast day.
Masses and novenas will be held in other churches and locales on the following days.