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(law) the replacement of one obligation by another by mutual agreement of both parties

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It is also mentioned in the documents that for the purpose of establishing a business valuation of merged business of PLL and PLTL calculated on Dividend Discount Model Valuation is in the region of PKR 27 billion discounted at (1.5 times the risk-free rate of 10.75% Pakistan Investment Bond coupon rate for 10 years), and will be double after the novation of Qatar Gas and Engro terminal contracts to PLL.
Capitolis Novation is claimed to help reduce overall balance-sheet notional and risk exposures that banks currently use to meet their regulatory capital requirements.
Novation Industries, previously WM Plastics, was established in 1967 by Bill Metz.
The purpose of novation is to raise effectiveness of some or all
has signed a group purchasing agreement for the Kiva VCF Treatment System with US health care services company Novation, the company said on Monday.
Novation Prima 340 is a gluten-free solution suitable for colour and flavour sensitive applications.
Kimberly-Clark has been awarded a single-source, three-year purchasing agreement with Novation for its Kimguard Sterilization Wrap products.
"Benelli continues to demonstrate in novation and leadership by delivering the most advanced website in the firearms industry," explained Brita Lewis, Gray Loon marketing strategist.
First, that the placing of new shares, convertible bonds and a deed of novation are completed.
"The rating withdrawal follows the completion of the novation of the aforementioned programme from Midciti Resources to Midciti Sukuk Berhad (MSB), a wholly-owned special purpose vehicle of KLCC Real Estate Investment Trust (KLCC REIT)," said RAM in a statement.
The Civil Code recognizes two ways of transfer of rights or obligations, one is by assignment, which has been explained above and the other is by novation.
Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation has introduced NOVATION Indulge 3340 texture system, a novel clean-label texture system that delivers an indulgent, thick and creamy, gelled texture, when desired, in cultured dairy products.
Prior to Novation, Gaugh was the system director of pharmacy for St.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 28, 2011--Discovery Offshore completes novation of two contracts in Singapore(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS