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the intellectual conception of a thing as it is in itself, not as it is known through perception

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Ricken, Friedo (1989), "Homo noumenon und homo phaenomenon: Ableitung, Begrundung und Andwendbarkeit der Formel von der Menschheit als Zweck an sich selbst", en Otfried Hoffe (ed.
At this point the self-aware self has moved to the third dharma-world, the "the unobstructed interpenetration of noumenon and phenomena.
A outro, a Platao, interessa o noumenon ou a essencia como objeto da filosofia, e seu saber e a episteme, que para ele se instala no plano do inteligivel exclusivamente.
While Freud often cited Kant and flirted with the notion that the unconscious might be considered a noumenon, Freud had no commitment to transcendental philosophy.
The world, and in particular the life-world to which Merleau-Ponty refers, is not, in this respect, either the product of logical categories of natural sciences or the Kantian noumenon that antagonizes the phenomenon.
Moreover, in accordance with the teaching of Schopenhauer, the "continuous melody" from the instruments revealed nothing less than the very world's metaphysical essence, the Will that was the origin of all existence: the noumenon which only music, of all human inventions or discoveries, embodies, and which thus offered the one genuine relief of man's estate, if only for as long as the music sounded.
And phenomenon is defined as a thing as it appears to human mind, in contrast to how it may be in itself, the noumenon whose knowledge is not possible.
God is One, Noumenon, Absolute, Creator, Nothing, but manifests as-and-in all seemingly separate parts, phenomena; One as-and-z'n Many; Absolute as-and-z'n Relative; Creator as-and-in Creation; Nothing as-and-m Everything, etc.
And his interpretation of Kant is one that Finds a respectable place for the noumenon in a positive sense.
That is the reality and not the other way round, though, the seamless moves of a dancer surmount the challenges representing consonance as opposed to noumenon.
Thus the task of the poet is to make it evident by double vision: the "first glance" that captures the phenomenon, and the "second look" that discovers the noumenon within it.
In Novalis's case, the night harmonizing all multiplicities in the day refers as much to his universal noumenon behind the night as to poetry, his chosen vehicle whose duality of expressed and latent meaning the night also shows.
However, the noumenon and the reality of the commitment are local, and they closely relate to situations which the actors are involved in.
Alternatively, reductions pare; they are largely indifferent to complexities, most problematically when the noumenon is genuinely complicated.
Kant habla del noumenon, de "una cosa que debe ser pensada no como un objeto de sentido sino como una cosa en si misma (exclusivamente a traves del puro entendimiento)".