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Synonyms for notwithstanding



Synonyms for notwithstanding

despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)

References in classic literature ?
The governess gazed on me intently, and tears began to course down her cheeks, notwithstanding it was evident she wished to conceal them.
Betts Shoreham, notwithstanding her dependent situation, and his own better fortunes, loved the governess, and the governess loved Betts Shoreham.
The old man, notwithstanding his fatigue, would have remained in the churchyard all night if his new acquaintances had remained there too.
The king hardly paid any attention to her departure, notwithstanding the pretended symptoms of indisposition by which it was accompanied.
I assure you that, notwithstanding the mask with which the villain covered his face, I had something like a vague suspicion that he was the very man.
But still, the world is wide enough and large enough for those whom I may send to overtake your horses, notwithstanding the 'four hours' start' which you have given to M.
I dare say that I may, notwithstanding the danger, if upon reflection I approve of any of them.
Whether the insatiable curiosity of this good woman had carried her on to that business, or whether she did it to confirm herself in the good graces of Mrs Blifil, who, notwithstanding her outward behaviour to the foundling, frequently abused the infant in private, and her brother too, for his fondness to it, I will not determine; but she had now, as she conceived, fully detected the father of the foundling.
That which went through the City greatly exceeded the others in number, and was of such prodigious extent that when the rear began to move, the front was nearly four miles in advance, notwithstanding that the men marched three abreast and followed very close upon each other.
The noise continued, notwithstanding his appearance, until Gashford looked round.
Numerous individuals you should load up notwithstanding continue various kinds including stock.
Premier Brad Wall today announced the government will protect school choice in Saskatchewan by invoking the notwithstanding clause of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Notwithstanding the years - long sieges on their cities , notwithstanding the scourge of deadly diseases like polio and the head-chopping genocidal Daesh fanatics , notwithstanding the fact that children are starving and people are forced to eat grass and leaves and even stray cats and dogs to stay alive, the WHO stressed on May 31 at World No Tobacco Day that Syrians should be wary of smoking flavored tobacco through traditional water pipes.
Summary: Mumbai: Notwithstanding a partial recovery on lower-than-expected headline inflation, the rupee yesterday closed down .
Notwithstanding the motorcycle I can't afford but which I owe the