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Tom Tufto, with whose father he quarrelled ever so many years ago, declares that Mademoiselle de Jaisey, of the French theatre, pulled his grandpapa's hair off in the green-room; but Tom is notoriously spiteful and jealous; and the General's wig has nothing to do with our story.
He had notoriously threatened the lost young man, and had, according to the showing of his own faithful friend and tutor who strove so hard for him, a cause of bitter animosity (created by himself, and stated by himself), against that ill-starred fellow.
Over and over again in my past experience among my perishing fellow-creatures, the members of the notoriously infidel profession of Medicine had stepped between me and my mission of mercy-- on the miserable pretence that the patient wanted quiet, and that the disturbing influence of all others which they most dreaded, was the influence of Miss Clack and her Books.
It was objected by the murderous party that this Refrain was notoriously the invention of a tambour-worker, a spinster and romantic, still lodging in the Yard.
It was natural for four reasons: firstly, because Mrs Quilp being a young woman and notoriously under the dominion of her husband ought to be excited to rebel; secondly, because Mrs Quilp's parent was known to be laudably shrewish in her disposition and inclined to resist male authority; thirdly, because each visitor wished to show for herself how superior she was in this respect to the generality of her sex; and forthly, because the company being accustomed to acandalise each other in pairs, were deprived of their usual subject of conversation now that they were all assembled in close friendship, and had consequently no better employment than to attack the common enemy.
Nobody in Jamaica was anxious to maintain David for the mere pleasure of his society; and those hidden merits of a man which are so well known to himself were as little recognized there as they notoriously are in the effete society of the Old World.
They are notoriously unstable and often break apart in just hours or days.
The RPC, which became law in 1930, contains many antiquated provisions; Article 133 metes jail time to "anyone who, in a place devoted to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony shall perform acts notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful.
But we know from experience both in this country and abroad, that issues like mental health, more men go and see their GPs if they are unemployed, there can be an advantage from that because men are notoriously reluctant to seek healthcare and health advice, but you will I am sure, be aware there has been a 40 per cent real terms increase in funding on mental health in the last seven years.
no*to*ri*ous*ly adverb <She has a notoriously bad temper.
Summary: Acer Computer, the worldeIUs third leading PC vendor, launched the Aspire Predator, a state-of-the-art gaming machine designed to entertain the industryeIUs notoriously demanding consumers.
To the major print and broadcast media, which are notoriously pro-abortion, the pro-life marches were non-events.
Tuning systems are notoriously difficult to describe without sending readers into spasms of math anxiety, and the author succeeds at explaining the nature and history of tuning systems in a way that makes it possible for any musician to understand.
This velocity is notoriously difficult to detect because the galaxies appear to barely change position from year to year.