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Synonyms for notoriety

Synonyms for notoriety

unfavorable, usually unsavory renown

wide recognition for one's deeds

Synonyms for notoriety

the state of being known for some unfavorable act or quality


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As we have no public notoriety, no concurrent testimony, no records to support and corroborate what we deliver, it becomes us to keep within the limits not only of possibility, but of probability too; and this more especially in painting what is greatly good and amiable.
Observing a married couple, whose domestic troubles were matter of notoriety, he condoled with both on having mutually taken a house adder to their bosoms.
I recalled her as an energetic, autocratic personality, somewhat inclined to charitable and social notoriety, with a fondness for opening bazaars and playing the Lady Bountiful.
The assembled clergy admitted the validity of the plea, and the notoriety of the circumstances upon which it was founded; giving thus an indubitable and most remarkable testimony to the existence of that disgraceful license by which that age was stained.
Indeed, some of them had acquired great notoriety for deeds of hardihood and courage; for the fur trade had Its heroes, whose names resounded throughout the wilderness.
Raffles, the great cricketer, and the so-called 'amateur cracksman' of equal notoriety, were one and the same person.
The hussies were got up to resemble the music-hall artiste or the dancer who enjoyed notoriety at the moment; their eyes were heavy with black and their cheeks impudently scarlet.
All sympathy with the doings of the outer world, all curiosity about persons of social position and notoriety, is evidently at an end in Mr.
The public and shameless sale of beautiful mulatto and quadroon girls has acquired a notoriety, from the incidents following the capture of the Pearl.
would ever remain unknown, for her delicacy shrunk at the publicity and notoriety which would then attend his attachment.
These same Typees enjoy a prodigious notoriety all over the islands.
A robber who gained notoriety by forcing his victims, mostly females, to undress to prevent them from chasing him, was arrested on Monday evening.
The 48-year-old grandmother could make PS1 million by cashing in on her notoriety with pub and club appearances.
The Downton Abbey actress has earned herself the notoriety of being challenging, or demading, to act alongside.
Featured in the article was the video from Savannah, Georgia attorney Jamie Casino that rose to notoriety after It aired during halftlme of the Super Bowl and created a local firestorm of controversy, Including questions about the ethics of the ad.