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a flexible rodlike structure that forms the supporting axis of the body in the lowest chordates and lowest vertebrates and in embryos of higher vertebrates

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Intracranial chordoma is a rare and locally aggressive tumor of the skull base that is originating from embryonic remnants of the primitive notochord.
Therefore, this study tested if the same approach could be applied for older fat snook larvae, from the notochord post-flexion (15 days-old larvae) to an advanced stage close to metamorphosis (45 days-old larvae).
The inductive effects of the notochord and dorsal aorta play a role in the development of the pancreas.
See my book for more detail) Just to explain, in the embryo the nervous system is developed right along side of the gut, called the spinal nervous system or notochord.
Chordoma is a rare, indolent but locally invasive, osteolytic, slow growing, low grade, primary bone malignancy, derived from the embryonic remnants of the notochord.
Embryos with notochord malformations were excluded from behavioral analysis.
The stages of development were considering according to the degree of flexion of the terminal region of the notochord and development of the fins, following the terminology proposed by Kendall, Ahlstrom, and Moser (1984), into pre-flexion, flexion, and post-flexion larval stages, and the juvenile stage.
The nucleus pulposus part of the intervertebral disc is formed from the notochord cells while the annulus fibrosus develops from the mesenchymal cells.
For successful development in a hatchery, knowledge of the following ontogenetic events is essential: size and time at hatching, flexion of the notochord, duration of the yolk sac, the presence or absence of an adhesive organ, retinal pigmentation, opening of the mouth and intestinal lumen, development of fins, gas-bladder filling, and cutaneous pigmentation pattern (Santos & Godinho, 1994; 1996a; 2002).
A long, thin tube running down the creature's back was not part of the gut, as some scientists had suggested, but a notochord, a structural hallmark of vertebrates.
As the method we followed relies on determination of the notochord and until this stage some fertilized egg may die, the resulting FR expectedly can be lower than those of the literature that were based on the subjective or other methods.
According to location, polymelia is named as notomelia, cephalomelia, thoracomelia and dipygus or pygomelia where the extra limbs are attached in region of embryonic notochord on head, on thorax to margin of scapula of normal limb and to pelvis respectively (Denholm, 2011).