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Synonyms for notify



Synonyms for notify

to impart information to

Synonyms for notify

inform (somebody) of something

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Sanitation may need to be notified, as well, to ensure pickups are properly scheduled.
In addition, the documents also impose a higher degree of technical competency and adherence to MEDDEV documents on Notified Bodies.
the program has been used since late January in Los Angeles County, where 115 victims of offenders have been signed up and eight notified so far.
Richardson said his office's investigation into the alleged Watsonville incidents was cut short two days before the election when Coastal Berry co-owner David Gladstone notified the labor office his employees would not be available for interviews.
Shirley Fannin, the county's disease control manager, maintained that the state notified her department Saturday at 1 p.
On Tuesday, school and county officials officially notified local media at 1:15 p.
I notified the public relations firm Sutter had hired but I don't know that they ever notified the hospital,'' Frye said.
NASDAQ:CITI) reported today that on December 8, 2004 Nasdaq notified Canterbury that the Company had not regained compliance in accordance with Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(8)(B), and that its securities would be delisted from The Nasdaq SmallCap Market at the opening of business on December 17, 2004.
Cement: RMC, active in concrete and building materials notified its take-over of rival cement producer, Rugby Group plc.
Hospital officials also notified physicians who have had patients in the observation unit over the past six weeks and might have been exposed, Newbold said.
In less than a minute, a physician or staff member can find every patient that needs to be notified without combing through a single chart.
Organizations that operate private phone systems and want to be notified simultaneously when a building occupant dials 911 in an emergency can now get a new capability called Emergency On-Site Notification, now available with RedSky Technologies' E-911 Manager(TM) enterprise software solution.
OTC BB: CDIK), the manufacturer of unique proprietary pneumatic devices for the treatment of glaucoma, announced today that the company has been notified that their application for 2A CE Certification covering its Glaucoma Treatment Device has been approved.
On April 7, 2004, Landec notified the holder of the Series B Preferred Stock that Landec would redeem all outstanding shares of its Series B Preferred Stock on May 8, 2004.
Physicians are being notified that they should verify the charge time and battery voltage of each affected device.