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Synonyms for notify



Synonyms for notify

to impart information to

Synonyms for notify

inform (somebody) of something

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Tap App notifications, then tap the name of the app you no longer want to see notifications for.
A notification is deemed to have been duly made on the fifth day following the display of the notification at the electronic address of the respondent.
0 Lollipop will allow users to directly interact with notifications on the lock screen.
Most financial apps use push notifications to tell customers that a payment has been made, money has been transferred, or money was received.
As the first notification system with integrated digital signage capabilities, ECN not only significantly expands the reach of the emergency notification to all areas of the campus, but also provides video-enhanced capabilities to attract the attention of people without a cell phone, telephone or email access.
34 targeted notifications to groups at particular risk from an offender.
5 discusses consular rights notification only where there has been an arrest; it often fails to mention that the notifications to the foreign national and, as appropriate, to the consular officer also arc required if the foreign national is being detained.
Still, Fidler said he wants the District Attorney's Office to obtain affidavits from all the agencies that have engaged in wiretapping, including the Los Angeles Police Department, stating a review of cases has been done and that all the appropriate notifications have been made.
Integrated WWAN laptops that are equipped with Active Notifications provide a powerful platform for an always-on user experience.
3 code Barry noticed lines that refer to a "Notification Listeners," which are supposedly mechanisms that can read and dismiss notifications as well as prompt apps to open from the notifications page.
Findings Support Gartner Report on Mass Notification Systems in Global 2000 Corporations
Death notifications do not end with the immediate family.
I love the pop-up notifications as I tend to forget everything when I am working," said Laundry Time Pilot participant Lisa Gunning of Roswell, Georgia.
About one out of every four offenders in Iowa has challenged planned notifications through the DCI.
These notifications give customers the power to better allocate their time and resources with real-time insight into shipment deliveries.