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Synonyms for notify



Synonyms for notify

to impart information to

Synonyms for notify

inform (somebody) of something

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Apple News user opt in to news notifications, which Apple curates based on trending stories and breaking news-a feature that was added with the introduction of iOS 10 in 2016.
On the other hand, copies of these notifications has also been sent to DG, Anti DGSI Punjab, SECP, Deputy Commissioner Lahore, DHA and branches of all banks to refrain both from selling properties.
These new notifications may look prettier and be easier to read than the old ones, but some users, like Computerworld's JR Raphael, bemoaned the change since the new notifications obscured other onscreen content.
The law does not limit e-notifications to e-mail, but rather has a broad definition, saying all notifications made electronically.
With the latest in GIS (geographic information system) capabilities, notifications can be targeted to alert just those businesses that are in the path of an approaching hurricane or fire.
offers campuses a new way to protect the safety of students, faculty and staff with a message alert solution that sends notifications to personal communication devices and digital signage.
25 limited public notifications made to specific geographic areas, and
State and local law enforcement officials are also responsible for notifications.
Head Deputy District Attorney Robert Schirn said the office for the past couple of years has made all the required notifications of people identified on a wiretap and has done so within the prescribed 90-day period.
Nasdaq:NVTL), a leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions, today announced product availability for Microsoft's new Active Notifications software on WWAN modules equipped with HSDPA and EV-DO technologies.
Amazon had previously said it would roll out a notifications feature for Alexa, and now you can get the virtual assistant to tell you when your Amazon package is on its way.
Then, the command post makes the initial departmental notifications to the chief, the Robbery Homicide Division (which investigates all LAPD line-of-duty deaths), and the officer in charge of EAU.
I love the pop-up notifications as I tend to forget everything when I am working," said Laundry Time Pilot participant Lisa Gunning of Roswell, Georgia.
Below, users will learn how to dismiss notifications, what do on the lock screen notifications, access Quick Settings and the Settings Menu, and utilise the new "Downtime" and "Interruptions" via volume rocker.
About one out of every four offenders in Iowa has challenged planned notifications through the DCI.