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a pad of paper for keeping notes

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It's not that these elements are designed badly - that leather notepad really does look like leather - it's choosing to use such designs that is wrong.
Following some head-scratching and website surfing to see what was considered a left-handed notepad I concluded the ideal product didn't exist and so set about creating my own.
While many employees admit to taking the occasional paper clip, notepad or stapler, only 3% say they have pilfered more extravagant items from the workplace.
The products include decorative journals, notepads, letter holder and pencil box.
Contract notice: Design, fabrication and delivery of conference packages / cloth bags, paper folders, pens, usb device box business cards, notepad for taking notes / making information board for the project, supply of banners and manufacturing, printing and supply of panels / media to them and printing and supply of business cards for the implementation of activities under the project "promotion of social dialogue and improving the working conditions of employees.
POLICE are encouraging nosy neighbours to turn detective by providing them with notepads.
Then they quickly disappeared again, leaving Hearn to seek out the rest of roster in the trainer's room, where the Lakers regularly seek refuge from microphones and notepads.
For years, people with profound disabilities at Opportunity Village have been putting together promotional buttons, collating materials, shrink wrapping, labeling, mailing, and cutting paper to create notepads for all of Caesars' Las Vegas properties," said Linda Smith, chief development officer at Opportunity Village.
Contract notice: Procedure advertising notepads and sticky notes.
Teachers and school staffers have similar notepads that they can use for students.
Ampad's line includes a complete range of items including legal pads, writing pads with matching envelopes, stationery papers, mailing labels, social notes and mini-cards, along with accessory items such as stickers, seals, magnetic notepads and desk pads.
Box: Reporters will need plenty of notepads (see text)
Oki Data produced notepads for school children utilizing
Across Oregon, back to school sales draw parents to drop dollars for new school clothes while kids fill their backpacks with notepads, pencils and books.
As Tablet PCs become the notepads of the 21st century, consider Mi-Co's Mi-Forms as the enterprise data capture solution for these devices -- the paper in those pads.