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an entry in a notebook

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When assessing this notebook entry, I will be looking for accurate understanding of the specific rock they picked.
Using an innovative desktop interface, which includes an intuitive, drag-and-drop notebook entry editor tool, scientists are able to efficiently and rapidly start applications, organize, store, and preserve source records and different document versions.
Denton, of New Forest Road, Walsall and stationed at Cannock police station, has pleaded not guilty to perverting the course of justice in that she arrested Mrs Votier for assault and criminal damage and added the words 'crim dam' to her pocket notebook entry.
Food, she observed in a notebook entry, is "the irreducible" (OC VI.
Salmon predictably stresses the importance of a well-known notebook entry of November 17, 1887, in which James outlined a realist program for representing his age: "One sketches one's age but imperfectly, if one doesn't touch on that particular matter: the invasion, the impudence and shamelessness, of the newspaper and the interviewer, the devouring publicity of life, the extinction of all sense between public and private" (qtd.
But they give not only location, Signatur, and page numbers for each manuscript item but also an outline of its contents, which, if sometimes tentative or cryptic, should allow the researcher to decide whether, say, a particular letter or notebook entry might be relevant to a particular line of enquiry.
In a 1985 notebook entry, North recorded a weapons purchase by the contras, with U.
In an early notebook entry, Nietzsche remarks that science (Wissenschaft) struggled with wisdom in the ancient Greek philosophers.
7) is ~echoed' by Wordsworth's ~emotion recollected in tranquillity', since the date of the notebook entry (CN 1.
It also manages templates - for a single Notebook entry or all the forms, documents, slots, and protocols structured for a complete experiment - set up using form-based tools, but stored and versioned as OWL ontologies and contents packaged in XML.
In a notebook entry made after the disaster, he described how he "scrambled and crawled" over a pile of people at the front of the pen to get to a space on the terrace.
The reason I know they issued the ASBO because of my location of birth (South Shields) and/or because of my choice of car, is that today I received a copy of the attending officer's PDA "Electronic" Notebook entry.
Advanced police driver Williams, of Tonypandy, Rhondda, denies perverting the course of justice by submitting a false police notebook entry and applying for exemption from prosecution.
The English Notebook entry identifies this young woman (like Miriam in The Marble Faun) with Judith and Rachel, and thus underscores her Jewishness ('her nose had a beautiful outline, though I could see that it was Jewish too' (English Notebooks, p.
A notebook entry reads: "My body practicing being dead.