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(music) the relative duration of a musical note

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For vertical relationships the same note values in and O indeed relate as 2:1.
For younger players, the level of play can easily be adjusted by simply setting aside all or challenging note values and playing with a higher ratio of letters or beginner notes to start.
The public has thus been urged to use coins in their shopping, changing them with supermarkets for note values or operating children accounts where they can deposit with the banks.
The use of modern clefs, the reduction of the original note values by half, the barring of measures between staves, and the use of a single main source (rather than a conflation of readings) as the basis for each work, mark significant departures from Plamenac's earlier editorial procedure.
He was a sturdy defender of the doctrine of equality of the brevis (and hence inequality of smaller note values in different mensurations), a lost cause against the prevailing view of equality of the minima championed by his enemy Gafori.