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Synonyms for notch

Synonyms for notch

one of the units in a course, as on an ascending or descending scale

to gain (a point or points) in a game or contest

Synonyms for notch

a V-shaped indentation

the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks

a V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface

a small cut


Related Words

cut or make a notch into

notch a surface to record something

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For constituent evaluation items, Taipei drops seven notches and two notches, respectively, in the items of "growth and development" and "financial market.
The rating of Credit Suisse Group AG was lowered by three notches to A2 from Aa2.
Investment bank Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) was cut two notches to Baa1 from A2, less than the three notches that were feared.
Four Dutch banks were downgrade by two notches and one bank by one notch.
In a statement, the ratings agency said, 'The debt and deposit ratings declined by one notch for five banks, by two notches for three banks and by three notches for nine banks.
Moody's cut Bank of Cyprus' ratings by one notch to Ba2 from Ba1, Hellenic Bank by one notch to Ba2 from Ba1, and Marfin Popular Bank by three notches to B2 from Ba2.
The local-currency (LC) deposit ratings were also downgraded by two notches to Ba3 from Ba1 for the three state-owned banks (i) National Bank of Egypt; (ii) Banque Misr; and (iii) Banque du Caire, and by one notch to Ba2 from Ba1 for Commercial International Bank.
Notches were examined in relation to 2 v-notch depths that have been considered by southern New England lobster fishery managers: 6.
Check not only the aft missile shoes area, but the entire rail for notches.
The included software package allows the operator to see the stile or rail being processed on the screen, with all the bead notches shown.
The notches are tapered like half a cone with the point aiming downstream, so melt flows into the wide end of the notch and is squeezed out the point, increasing extensional flow.
During installation, notches are produced in the pipe when it is dragged along the ground or inserted below ground in order to avoid having to dig a trench.
What's really important are the little notches on the top of the mirrors.
Because there is no tear-notch step during production, packages made with FancyCut technology run faster and have none of the quality issues associated with notched opening systems such as missing notches or misplaced notches that compromise product freshness.