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Synonyms for notch

Synonyms for notch

one of the units in a course, as on an ascending or descending scale

to gain (a point or points) in a game or contest

Synonyms for notch

a V-shaped indentation

the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks

a V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface

a small cut


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cut or make a notch into

notch a surface to record something

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References in classic literature ?
But, as he passed through the Notch of the mountains, a war party of Indians captured our unlucky merchant, and carried him to Montreal, there holding him in bondage, till, by the payment of a heavy ransom, he had wofully subtracted from his hoard of pine-tree shillings.
In short, when Dumkins was caught out, and Podder stumped out, All-Muggleton had notched some fifty-four, while the score of the Dingley Dellers was as blank as their faces.
At length the ball dropped off into one of the notches.
He hoped the farmer could charm it away as easily as he could Tom's wart, and was ready with equal faith to put another notched stick into his other pocket, for the cure of his own ailments.
He prevailed on the groom to cut notches for him in the bark of the elm so that he could climb into the lower branches; and there he would sit watching the school door, and speculating on the possibility of turning the elm into a dwelling-place for himself and friends, after the manner of the Swiss Family Robinson.
But if the notches in his forehead wouldn't fuse together, and if his face would work and couldn't play, what could he do, poor man!
Going to his vice-bench, the carpenter for convenience' sake and general reference, now transferringly measured on it the exact length the coffin was to be, and then made the transfer permanent by cutting two notches at its extremities.
Clinical research on Notch receptors revealed the entire molecular profile; Notch-1 is in the heart tissue and the vascular endothelium and Notch-4 is strictly and to a greater extent detected in vascular endothelial cells (ECs).
27 (50%) spleens showed notches only on superior border, 4 (7.40%) spleens showed notches only on inferior border, 12 (22.22%) spleens showed notches on both borders & 11 (20.37%) spleens were devoid of notch [Fig.
In addition, many of vehicle structural and mechanical components include notch regions because of design requirements and significant stress concentrations occur at those notch locations.
As shown in Figure 1, the proposed antenna consists of a radiating element with three staircases on the front side and a ground plane with a rectangular notch on the back side for optimum impedance matching.
To drop a tree, you must make two cuts, the notch, on the side facing the direction of fall, and the back-cut.
Absorbent Insert with Positioning Notch: Lewis Preole Orchard, IV, Neenah, WI; Marcille Faye Ruman, Oshkosh, WI; Thomas Harold Roessler, Appleton, WI; Anita Marie-Nanette Gilgenbach, Neenah, WI; and Brooke Ashley Berg, Neenah, WI.
Caption: Figure 2: Western blot was performed for Notch signaling and cardiomyocyte- specific markers in MSCs, [MSC.sup.snull], and [MSCs.suip.miR-1] (1 d, 7 d, and 14 d).
The brush is comprised of a core, bristles comprising end portions extending substantially radially around at least a portion of the core, wherein the bristles define a bristled portion of the brush having a first length measured along a longitudinal axis of the core; and at least one notch having a second length measured along the longitudinal axis of the core less than half the first length, with at least one notch defined at a notched bristled portion of the brush.