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put into notation, as of music or choreography

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The generation and analysis of observational and verbal data in conjunction with musical and notational data have provided rich insight into children's musical thought and activity as composers, song makers, and notators (2006, p.
Mr Isaac's dance notators in the early eighteenth century', On common ground: proceedings of the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society conference, Bedford, 1996, pp.53-67, esp.54-5.
Beauchamp's system shows the figure approximately, but, as noted above, it is generally not to scale, and it may be modified because of steps that do not travel, other dancers' paths, paths that retrace themselves, and, almost certainly, the skill and inclination of the notator in deciding how to fit everything neatly on the page.
On the other hand, some observers feel that educational activities, which include notator training and adapting Laban principles to computers, should be assigned to educational institutions, such as the DNB Extension for Education and Research at the Ohio State University.
It has been suggested that the DNB may need endowments to underwrite notator and reconstructor positions.
Unfortunately, even in a company with a long tradition of notators, you, as salaried company choreologist, may still find that the dancers, your colleagues, and the director have only a very rudimentary idea of what you do and what the process involves.
(I should explain that I'm using the term, choreologist, to mean a dance notator who uses the Benesh system.) It has been my experience that, given half a chance, people are fascinated by dance notation - by the concept of its being able to write movement, its mechanics, the possibilities it provides.
Currently, there is more work available than there are notators. The growth potential is great in education as well as in the professional arena.
Notators and dancers come to teach our students and often set sections of those works on them.
Its two-year objective aims to foster a better understanding and analysis of the mechanics of movement and its rapport with music and to train notators and reconstructors.