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a technical system of symbols used to represent special things

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In the secret embedding phase, the EMD method firstly converted the secret message into a stream digits in a (2n + 1) -ary notational system, then pseudo-randomly permuted all the cover pixels using a privacy key, and divided them into groups, each of them with n pixels.
Luo, "Data embedding using pixel value differencing and diamond encoding with multiple-base notational system," The Journal of Systems and Software, vol.
Then a 7-based notational system is used to invert [([a.sup.1.sub.[lambda]], [b.sup.1.sub.[lambda]], [c.sup.1.sub.[lambda]]).sup.7] and [([a.sup.2.sub.[lambda]], [b.sup.2.sub.[lambda]], [c.sup.2.sub.[lambda]]).sup.7] to be two decimal values to present the values of the pixel and its mapping pixel, respectively.
(5.) Unlike the scores of state sacrificial music and court assembly music, the scores of these three genres contain no specific instrumental part and gongchepu is the only notational system used.
Using this method, each symbol in notational system with an odd base will be carried by a group of pixels, and, at most, only one pixel is increased or decreased by 1.
Saiber (Italian literature, Bowdoin College, US) explains how Italian philosopher, poet, playwright, and magus Bruno (1548-1600) forged a network of figurative vocabularies including number, shape, space, and word, as though no notational system by itself, but only all of them used together, had the ability to describe the world and its qualities and vicissitudes.
By examining how the societies viewed resources, we can see that this notational system comprised a form of accounting.
Encourage students to develop their own notational system and analytical symbols.
A notational system for description of behavioral processes.
Section 4.5 and Table B I in Appendix B outline the notational system for the variables and parameter of the model.
It may indeed have been the first known notational system alternative to the traditional one that largely governed pictorial representation from the early Renaissance onward.
The reader is thus required to make adjustments to new symbols when moving from one article using a certain notational system to another with a different system altogether.
Most of what people commonly think of as writing is glottographic - a notational system for recording and reproducing human speech.
In a more technical vein, however, the notes present a significant barrier to the book's use: following a bizarre format which leaves the page "free" of little numbers, the notational system forces readers to guess at what, beyond quotations, has been noted, and search the pages in back to find out if they were correct.
According to his account, paintings are `autographic', and works of music, since they are recorded by means of a notational system, are `allographic'.