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put into notation, as of music or choreography

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From children to social mobilizer notating daily cases
The composers who disapproved of the innovative approach to notating and singing schwas were primarily terrified of seeing the sophistication of their art jeopardized.
As long as a composer is specific in notating his intentions, it is part of the performer's responsibilities to make an effort in respecting them.
Among Palestrina and the other four composers one finds a frequent pattern of notating Magnificats in the Secundi Toni in normal clefs and Magnificats in the Primi, Quinti, Septimi and Octavi Toni in chiavette.
Notating the two reciting tones differently need not have meant a different sounding pitch, since the sounding pitch of both the plainchant and the polyphony could be moved up or down to accord with one another.
In the short term, this acquisition will allow Sibelius and Digidesign to combine the strengths of their respective sales and education channels and reach a wider audience with offerings that cover the entire spectrum of computer-based music creation - including composing, notating, arranging, recording, editing, mixing and finishing, publishing, and distribution.
Chapters relate to singing; performing on instruments; improvising; composing and arranging; reading, notating, listening to, analyzing, and describing music; evaluating music and performances; and understanding the relationship between music, the arts, other disciplines, and history and culture.
In her acceptance speech, Guest recalled some milestones from her remarkable sixty-five year career: notating The Green Table at the request of Kurt Jooss; teaching notation to students of Hanya Holm; and performing on Broadway in choreography by Holm, Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins and Michael Kidd.
1 puts an emphasis on data security to provide data architects with progressive abilities for quickly analyzing, notating and communicating the whereabouts of sensitive data, and then using this information to coordinate efforts with those who need to 'lock down' access where it resides.
She also examines its structure, readership, and identity of its author, and its importance in showing new ways of notating and understanding and organizing meter and pitch.
This system for notating, classifying, and analyzing individual movement patterns may be of interest to creative movement therapists as well as to choreographers.
Maltby also spoke in awe of Drabinsky's willingness to spend money on "the possibility of a show," singling out the high cost of notating Fosse's choreography and training dancers in his vocabulary.
For all the effort involved in notating, the choreologist can save a choreographer or company a colossal amount of time.
if you are interested in computers you could create the next generation of notation software notating a Broadway show would be a first for the dance captain who knows notation-adapting notation to be used specifically in the context of anthropology or physical therapy awaits the person who is knowledgeable in these disciplines and is notation-literate.
In notating a work you become a part of history in a unique way.