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put into notation, as of music or choreography

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The second piece, "Rejoice, O Virgin," has been transposed from the originally notated F major (concert) to A[flat] (horn), putting the overall range for horns at just over three octaves A[flat] to b[flat]"), which is more amenable to a consistent performance.
The technical difficulty of this book is fairly high, especially as the notated rhythms are in complex sixteenth-note patterns played in a fast tempo.
The 10-part suite of the album title, goes back to 2005 but it gets revised with each performance, as Iyer explains, "working with the same notated elements but pushing the real time element more and more".
where concrete means "recorded," notated "performed," evocative "simulation," and ambient "mood" [44]).
Music is a cultural heritage that travels easily; every emigrant musician can transport a personal repertoire that--like as not--is cached in the player's memory rather than notated on the page.
The directed but largely improvised sounds of these instruments are interwoven with more formally notated orchestral music to form the concerto.
These six notated request statements are: Father; Hallowed by the name; Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us; And lead us not into temptation.
Their paths into and out of the space were then notated, computed, averaged, and compiled into a map.
Measurements of all distances A, B, C, and D (and occasionally X) and the characteristics of all lines E, F, G, and H were notated.
People completing the training will be authorized as Small Craft Safety instructors with the appropriate small craft activity notated.
Widdess sets out to reconstruct the history, theory, and practice of early Indian music from surviving examples of notated melody and from modal theory as explained in several important treatises.
Some have argued that once the composition is heavily notated and improvisation is necessarily diminished, the music becomes more "European" and less "African American.
Here I shall explore the interaction among Magnificat tones, modes of Magnificat antiphons, clefs, notated pitch and sounding pitch, leading to a hypothesis regarding the practical origins and purposes of the so-called chiavette and other related clef combinations.
Those who come to this volume on their own may ultimately be able to pick their way through the compositions, which are notated in a modified version of the traditional Indian letter notation, but what they will be able to produce will be little more than a faint reflection of the living practice of the Baba Allauddin Gharana.
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