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authenticate as a notary

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Typical identity theft insurance policies reimburse victims up to $10,000 or $15,000 for the cost of notarizing affidavits, phone calls and sending certified mall to law enforcement agencies, businesses, credit grantors and credit agencies.
The New York City office has also been involved in providing assistance to the victims of the WTC disaster by participating in various initiatives of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, including manning the small business intake desks at the assistance centers, notarizing documents, providing assistance to individuals and families, assisting in the processing of death certificates and the like.
With a deductible of $250 per claim, the coverage reimburses expenses associated with notarizing affidavits; costs for certified mail; lost wages arising from time taken off from work to deal with the fraud or due to wrongful incarceration; pre-approved attorney fees; loan application fees; and long distance telephone calls.
LUCENA CITY -- A member of a respected political clan in Quezon on Thursday said his fight for a seat in the House had revealed what he described as dirty tactics used by his rival in the last elections, including notarizing documents illegally to make these appear genuine.
The AAIS identity fraud endorsements covered expenses include costs for producing, notarizing, and distributing documents; loan reapplication fees; and attorneys fees.
driving, fishing, hair styling, notarizing, and those ubiquitous brokers' licenses - real estate, insurance and mortgage.
For example, CryptoNotaries can verify identity of borrowers who apply for digital certificates in addition to notarizing electronic mortgages.
In addition, the policy now provides up to $25,000 of coverage for the loss of earnings, loan application fees for rejected loans, attorney's fees, and the cost of notarizing affidavits for law enforcement agencies.