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authenticate as a notary

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Notarize, the first on-demand remote electronic notary service, allows anyone to legally notarize a document from their iPhone or Desktop 24 hours per day.
As one of the only 13 investments SCV has made through the venture fund, this investment signifies NAR and SCV's unwavering support of Notarize and the progress it is making within the mortgage industry," said Mark Birschbach, managing director of Second Century Ventures.
Notarize and authenticate affidavits after the administration of the oath to the concerned parties and to register the same.
To notarize or authenticate any transaction related to the personal status of Muslims or endowment
The basic underlying rules about who can notarize and under what circumstances can be a vexing maze to navigate even for the veteran judge advocate (JA).
Notarize has obtained $8 million in Series A financing headed by Polaris Partners with participation by Founders Fund, Ludlow Ventures and other individual investors.
The integration will allow title companies, closing agents, lenders, servicers and investors to electronically sign, notarize, transmit, and record mortgage and land record documents.
Leading mortgage institutions are moving from paper to electronic formats in their transactions and the need to digitally notarize the tremendous number of mortgage documents drives home the need for Enjoa 2.
Surety's service can notarize all types of digital data, including files, database records, e-commerce transactions, and images.
DigaSign and Topaz signature technology together create an outstanding tool to easily notarize critical documents electronically," said USNA President Marc Aronson.
tax code specialist has to be called in to notarize the coin flip.
Campbell said authorities began investigating after a notary went to the board-and-care home to notarize Wickers' signatures on the documents.
Instead of requiring property owners to notarize the document certifying their property's brush clearance, Councilman Michael Feuer suggested that the city only require them to sign the document under penalty of perjury.
Integration of Ingeo's ePrepare solution allows Rekon clients to sign, notarize, attach electronic payment, and submit digital documents to counties for official recordation.
The service notarizes digital content by creating a small digital fingerprint of the target data, which is then sent to be registered and notarized.