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Having packed clubs around the world, released numerous albums on both indie and major labels, and performed with the best of the best in heavy music, not to mention playing the godfather role for over a decade in a scene that thrives on innovation and youthful exuberance, one would think these veterans would eventually tire of the constant chase.
Since my uncle quit smoking 20 years ago, he has been using a computer program to calculate how much money he's saved on the cost of cigarettes ($45,000 to date), not to mention the benefit of better health.
If not for the law some nights "all hell would break loose" in our city of Central Point, not to mention in the big cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Detroit, you name it.
Injection molding has seven each from China and Taiwan, plus three from Hong Kong and four from Korea, not to mention 18 from Germany, 15 from Japan, and eight from Italy.
For the Ioneat Hair Styler alone, Re-tec estimates the order volume will be above 1 million units a year globally, not to mention the untold number of canisters.
However, would it not be more linguistically consistent, not to mention more accurate, to refer to the methodology as "in virtuo" rather than "in silico"?
What in tarnation was these boys thinkin', putting the fangs out like this on a post-maintenance check flight, not to mention one that gave the crew a hint the aircraft might not be 100 percent in terms of handling ability?
Or perhaps it is merely a useful way of reminding Israel's foes, (like Iran) about the apparent dimensions of its arsenal, which is said to include several hundred nuclear missiles, not to mention nuclear-armed submarines.
That's going to mean a lot of extra work for you, not to mention the cost
But there have been subtle and even dramatic changes in the culture and environment in which the game has been played over the last 75 years, not to mention changes in rules and equipment.
She just alienated a nice big chunk of her fan base, not to mention throwing more fuel on the antigay fire that's sweeping our legislatures.
If one ends a marriage for convenience in terms of material goods or economics, what happens to our loyalty to ourselves, our commitment, not to mention ethical values?
Not to mention that ID is just Creationism with a container load of aluminum siding tacked on.
The Cook family asked him not to mention Tony during the funeral, but he did it anyway.
42nd Street has a lot to offer a retailer because of the dense office and residential population surrounding it, not to mention its close proximity to Grand Central Terminal, The Helmsley Hotel and the Grand Hyatt," said Roseman.