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Synonyms for half

fifty per cent


  • fifty per cent
  • equal part

not half: not nearly


not half: absolutely

Synonyms for half

one of two equal parts of a divisible whole

one of two divisions into which some games or performances are divided: the two divisions are separated by an interval

consisting of one of two equivalent parts in value or quantity

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(of siblings) related through one parent only


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8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Scraper 9 Short 10 Eased 11 Sheltie 12 Era 13 Adultery 16 Silenced 17 Ill 19 Not half 21 Clyde 22 Feral 23 Lambast DOWN: 1 Ushered 2 Frascati 3 Spud 4 Assented 5 Bout 6 Steel 8 Resourceful 13 Amenable 14 Rainy day 15 Clients 18 Snuff 20 Tern 21 Comb QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Never-ending 8 Tom 9 Art 11 Initial 12 Upper 13 Net 14 Eye 15 Delight 17 Ewe 19 East 21 Late 23 Meet 25 Lump 27 Egg 29 Tweaked 31 Amp 34 Bra 36 Merge 37 Jealous 38 Ale 39 Rip 40 Typewritten DOWN: 1 None 2 Emit 3 Evident 4 Eclair 5 Dough 6 Nape 7 Grey 8 Tinge 10 Treat 16 Tee 18 Elm 20 Ate 22 Apt 24 Elegant 25 Llama 26 Jam-jar 28 Grasp 30 Where 32 Melt 33 Prey 34 Bore 35 Ruin
It's not half as good as Tarantino's brilliant Death Proof.
The Greek government has gone the extra ten miles and now we expect our partners to meet us not half the way but one fifth of the way," he told journalists ahead of the meeting.
Sir Albert is credited as being very astute but not half as astute as top civil servant Sir Bob Kerslake.
They''re mad, but not half as mad as the orange seesaws where two other senior BBC staffers are solemnly conducting a meeting.
Dom is blaming herself for his daughter's tragic death, but not half as much as LOVE Belle who tells a horrified Lisa: "I killed Gemma.
The ads, which humbly proclaim the tagline, "It's Not Half Bad," didn't have the typical production process.
Dom is blaming herself for his daughter's tragic death, but not half as much as Belle who tells a horrified Lisa: "I killed Gemma.
But not half as gutted as Hugh Grant, Jeffrey Archer, Frank Bough and Angus Deayton were when they realised it should have said Horse.
Hattie Morahan The Bletchley Circle ITV, 9pm They've only been back on the box for a week, but already the cunning quartet are up to their necks in trouble - but not half as much as their old friend Alice, who's been convicted of the murder of her lover Richards, and is facing the death penalty.
The NHS was set up for British people, not half the world.
Of course, surveys can't be regarded as the Gospel truth, but these three do suggest that, as a nation, we're not half as exciting and adventurous as we think we are.
Looking a bit like Wolverine from X-Men's uncle, the leery way he'd Not half as much as when he turned up in his full glam rock regalia to star in those famously stroppy road safety TV ads in the '70s where he'd grumpily rebuke school kids for not looking both ways when crossing the road.
The Conservatives, who make up five-sixths of the coalition - not half the coalition - need to be also reassured that the Conservative agenda is being fully implemented," he said.
Guess that makes it not half bad, still pretty depressing