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Synonyms for half

fifty per cent


  • fifty per cent
  • equal part

not half: not nearly


not half: absolutely

Synonyms for half

one of two equal parts of a divisible whole

one of two divisions into which some games or performances are divided: the two divisions are separated by an interval

consisting of one of two equivalent parts in value or quantity

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(of siblings) related through one parent only


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Mel Gibson is not half the man Tim Dalton is," TMZ.
But not half as hard as the questions his own parents should be asking themselves.
The glass is half full, not half empty, for Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushchenko, when it comes to forging closer relations with the EU.
Not half as shocked as those who have backed him to win it at prices as short as 1.
I do worry a little bit about telling people that nuts are good and that they should eat them," says Kris-Etherton, "because some people will buy a big can and not know that we're talking about an ounce at a time, not half the can.
senator, complained that Jefferson delivered his inaugural address "in so low a voice that not half of it was heard by any part of the crowded auditory.
The separation of English affairs from Westminster would be welcome, not half baked regional assemblies, but a full English parliament.
Ted Cullinan is a British architectural institution: Royal Academician, founder of the first (of very few) architectural co-operatives, sometimes quirky innovator and not half bad architect, his office web site is at www.
If you are Colombian and listen to our talk, at some point you start saying, 'Maybe the glass is not half empty.
The face can tell when it's half past June, but not half past noon--it shows time in months, seasons, and years and years and years.
In their role as myth-busters, White and Cones try to show that our glass is not half empty, but almost two-thirds full.
Internet reporters axe not half as much fun as you beer guys.
By my unofficial count, nine people out of 10 see most glasses as half empty, not half full.
In a desperate attempt at damage control, local officials reluctantly admit that although Chapter Eleven relief might temporarily alleviate the situation, it's not half as good as just pretending nothing ever happened and going on with business as usual.
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