not guilty

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Synonyms for not guilty

declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime

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“I may say not guilty, with a clean conscience,” returned Natty; “for there’s no guilt in doing what’s right; and I’d rather died on the spot, than had him put foot in the hut at that moment.”
“You are found not guilty of striking and assaulting Mr.
“Enter the plea of not guilty,” said Judge Temple, strongly affected by the simplicity of the prisoner.
To this indictment, Christopher Nubbles, in a low and trembling voice, pleaded Not Guilty; and here, let those who are in the habit of forming hasty judgments from appearances, and who would have had Christopher, if innocent, speak out very strong and loud, observe, that confinement and anxiety will subdue the stoutest hearts; and that to one who has been close shut up, though it be only for ten or eleven days, seeing but stone walls and a very few stony faces, the sudden entrance into a great hall filled with life, is a rather disconcerting and startling circumstance.
If she's not guilty, Pitt, she's as bad as guilty, and I'll never see her again--never." His head sank down on his chest as he spoke the words, and he looked quite broken and sad.
"Be satisfied; you are not guilty toward me, and I have already pardoned you."
Having heard his accusation from the mouth of Mrs Wilkins, he pleaded not guilty, making many vehement protestations of his innocence.
The only chance that I can see of winning you back to me, in the character of a penitent and loving husband, is to change that underhand Scotch Verdict of Not Proven into an honest English Verdict of Not Guilty.
A verdict of Not Guilty imports the jury's opinion that the prisoner is innocent.' Eustace, that shall be the opinion of the world in general, and of the Scotch jury in particular, in your case.
He cried as the jury found him not guilty by a majority.
Abdulghalil Aldobhani and Shaddad pleaded not guilty while Mustafa Aldobhani didn't enter a plea.
The 17-year-old boy was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter.
Daniel Feltham, 32, of Grove Close, Norton Canes pleads not guilty to creating the name of a company, Unique Building, for submitting fraudulent invoices.
Scott Garrity, 27, of Springbells Road, Annan, pleaded not guilty to kicking one officer and spitting at two others when being put in a police vehicle and, at Dumfries Infirmary, shouting, swearing and making racially offensive remarks at the weekend.