not guilty

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Synonyms for not guilty

declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime

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You are found not guilty of striking and assaulting Mr.
Enter the plea of not guilty,” said Judge Temple, strongly affected by the simplicity of the prisoner.
The only chance that I can see of winning you back to me, in the character of a penitent and loving husband, is to change that underhand Scotch Verdict of Not Proven into an honest English Verdict of Not Guilty.
A verdict of Not Guilty imports the jury's opinion that the prisoner is innocent.
Matthew Evans, 41, of Coral Close, Tuffley, Gloucester, who pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to burgle.
David Price, 53, of Virginia Court, Camden, London, who pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to receive stolen goods and conspiracy to defraud.
Those from Teesside and Hartlepool who pleaded not guilty are: Carl Michael Hannan, 34, of Caithness Road, Normanby; Robert Lee Hutchinson, 31, of Hutton Road, Eston; Mark Anthony Robinson, 36, of Oxford Street, Ayresome; Simon Robinson, 33, of Oriel Close, Linthorpe; James Thomas Williams, 42, of Weaverthorpe, Nunthorpe; David Arthur Butler, 47, of Wrensfield Road, Newtown, Stockton; Kristopher Millward, 39, of Holme House Road, Stockton - via video link; Ryan Maddren, 22, of Marines Point, Hartlepool.
Ex-colour sergeant John Hardy, 44, was found not guilty of misconduct in a public office over claims he passed information to Mr Larcombe, who was charged with aiding and abetting him.
Shaun McCumiskey, 34, of Park Road, Wallsend, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, as did Paul Nichol, 39, of Norbury Grove, Walker.
Brooks pleaded not guilty to the series of criminal charges over a nine-year period when she edited the News of the World and the Sun, and latterly ran the newspaper publisher.
That's what a Middlesex County jury was asked to do last month - find John Odgren, now 19 and clearly mentally ill, not guilty by reason of insanity.
Both players also pleaded not guilty to using violence to gain entry to the property on Westwood Hall during an appearance at Bradford Magistrates Court.
VERDICT: Not guilty # ACCUSED: Jack McConnell CHARGE: Failed to declare "gifts of hospitality" when he stayed with Kirsty Wark and family at their house in Majorca.
He also pleaded not guilty to one charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice between November 2003 and February 2004.
Johnson spoke only to confirm his identity and enter his plea of not guilty to the charges at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday.