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negation of a word or group of words


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Allen also claims that he is the one, not Gates, who came up with the name Microsoft, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
However, a XOR gate is not implemented using 2 AND gates, 2 NOT gates and an OR gate.
For the second example, a human designer came with a circuit that requires 4 AND gates, 1 OR gate, 2 XOR gates and 4 NOT gates.
For the third example, a human designer obtained a circuit that requires a total of 20 gates equivalent: 5 AND gates, 3 OR gates and 4 NOT gates.
7 AND gates, 4 OR gates, 2 XOR gate and 6 NOT gates.
It requires an area of 22 gates equivalent, which consist of 2 AND gates, 3 OR gate, 3 XOR gates and 3 NOT gates.
It uses 1 AND gate, 3 OR gates, 3 XOR gates and 1 NOT gate.
It requires 2 AND gates, 2 OR gates, 2 XOR gates and 1 NOT gate.