not bad

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Not bad isn't really good enough for me, as I want someone to say 'I did really well today'"
In truth they fell into three categories - good, not bad, and absolutely desperate.
Not bad when you consider that in 1900, when some of them were born, the average American life expectancy was 47 years.
It's not bad enough that Argentina's economy has hit the basement.
22 Kyodo Japan's top economic planner on Tuesday described the rapid advances in the prices of shares of information and telecom companies as being "risky but not bad.
Not bad, given that Vermeer was promptly forgotten for almost 200 years after his death in 1675.
Not bad for a property that was given up for dead in 1994 when the former owners faced almost certain foreclosure.
As if that is not bad enough, we are also being insulted by HMOs, some unruly patient's relatives, and the media about our practice.
Not bad company for one of the nation's most successful commercial high-speed, high-tech boat services, celebrating its 25th anniversary.