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'I'm saying that mining as an industry is not bad need to get your acts together and I will help you make a greater economic impact.
Not bad when you consider that in 1900, when some of them were born, the average American life expectancy was 47 years.
They're not bad, but they're not what you'd call exciting.
That's not bad advice for contemporary policy makers as they confront the dual threats of water scarcity and global warming.
Third busiest is not bad -- but JFK used to be first.
A patchwork of multihued shapes makes up the bright , chirpy, Klee-ish Not Bad This Weather, 1998.
The ads, as I noted out in Barron's, were not bad, but the campaign had one glitch: By casting Lynch as the savant and Tomlin and Rickles as the idiots, Fidelity seemed to be saying, at least subliminally, that it viewed individual investors as nitwits.
One million in domestic box office doesn't sound too impressive, but it's not bad for an English-Canadian film and its distributor, Alliance, is predicting $10 million in worldwide sales.
Not bad for a chap who scraped together just $4,000 from 1985-89 to spring for computer equipment.
As if those predictions were not bad enough, the report suggested that about one-quarter of the city's population, 20,000 people, might leave to seek work elsewhere.
As a public figure, he found Christian love more compelling than logic." Not bad sentiments, really.
'It's not bad for other countries to use the exclusive economic zone.
AS if it's not bad enough that we've to tolerate the constant reminders of 1966 and sycophantic reporting of Euro 2004, there are the predictably awful footie anthems which follow.
In truth they fell into three categories - good, not bad, and absolutely desperate.
Not bad for a longtime outsider whose time finally may have come.