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longing for something past

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(The rising anti-abortion movement, Perlstein notes, believed that "a society gone mad was sanctioning genocide." No innocence there.) They may have yearned for certainties, but so did the Kennedy nostalgists on the left.
With its quirky and appealing characters and beautifully disquieting prose, The Nostalgist is certain to pique readers long after its last page is turned.
and rewards of service"--sounds like the complaint of an old-fashioned nostalgist looking aghast at modernity.
The book's subtitle, "The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete," indicates that Rhoden is more than a historian, but a nostalgist fully convinced that the black athlete's historical willingness to advocate for social and economic justice for all black people has diminished--and perhaps disappeared--in recent times.
It's easy to describe Ry Cooder as a historian, an archivist, a nostalgist, or a curator, but it's important to remember that at the beginning and in the end, he's a guitarist, and that Chavez Ravine isn't a textbook, it's a suite of glorious music rooted in emotion, simultaneously a lament and a celebration.
Rather, it suggests that the poetics of flux trailed in Poems is as inherently problematic as the nostalgist reflections of Blind Fireworks.
The curved walls of the Marseille skatepark kept the dream alive for many a transition nostalgist through the lean years of the early '90s.
/ Don't ever call again collect'." A Nostalgist's Map of America goes on a remapping journey, linking cultures and landscapes/oceanscapes through space-time.
Tolkien, the most successful literary nostalgist of the twentieth century.
Then I explain how this backlash arose and analyze two expressions of it - one that I call Aquarian and one that I call Nostalgist. Finally, I present a twofold policy strategy for resolving differences between the supporters and the critics of OBE.
One can easily be tagged a pessimist, a declinist or a nostalgist. Such talk seems out of place in America for the simple reason that we have always been an optimistic nation; pessimism is almost un-American.
The thoughtful and the ignorant, the scholar and the demagogue, the historian who seeks the past on its own terms, and the nostalgist who evokes a past that comforts contemporary audiences, all may call on memory.
And this, of course, is where the crazed nostalgist tragedy of the Tories' current obsession with Brexit - and hard Brexit at that - collides with the other current tragedy of UK politics: the failure of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, despite its strong engagement with many of the radical and urgently necessary ideas outlined above, to understand the institutional shape of the 21st century world in which they will have to be implemented, including the vital importance of the EU as a source of agreed supra-national legislation in a globalised world.
"To me, the core of the khor (Creek) is the area of the wharf stretching from the foot of the Sheraton Hotel in Deira up to the Maktoum Bridge," said Giesen, a "nostalgist" who has been painting sites in the UAE since 1998.
Though certainly a contemporary filmmaker and not in any sense a stranded nostalgist, Stillman nevertheless displays qualities that, while once common, are now so rare that they put him in stark relief against nearly all of his contemporaries.