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Synonyms for nosiness

undue interest in the affairs of others

Synonyms for nosiness

offensive inquisitiveness

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There's something about seeing props strewn about, seeing clusters of actors going over their lines and hearing snippets of live music which makes me feel part of proceedings - even when I've just turned up to encroach on everyone's lunch hour with a load of journalistic nosiness.
So great is his nosiness, that in 2009, the soap released a promo trailer in which he was portrayed as a 007-style spy, using all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to snoop on his Corrie neighbours.
The widescale theft of woods/precious tree by the logger mafia has become a sign of nosiness for the owners of the lands from where the woods were being chopped illegally sources said.
LIBRA September 24 - October 23 Your nosiness could see you finding out something you'll have to be involved in for months to come.
But I realized that even though I didn't appreciate people's nosiness and bossiness, or the way they made my pregnant body a space for their own prejudices and opinions, I could continue to use these discussions as a way of making them reflect on their own long-held views.
Our premium on community to the point of nosiness is precious in a world where no one goes to church anymore and neighbors are strangers, where one can have hundreds of friends on Facebook and feel lonely, and where someone can be plotting mass murder while disappearing into World of Warcraft.
GENTLE READER: Snarling at people to mind their own business -- however justified by their nosiness -- would be a good way to convince people that your injuries were the result of your own pugnaciousness.
But whether due to her species' natural nosiness or simply finding me a convenient rubbing post as she intermittently stroked her body against my pant legs, she didn't.
Anyway, it was later explained to me that the reason for my neighbour's nosiness was my being a young, unmarried, full-blooded male.
I find it superfluous to my needs and believe it appeals to the worst in people's nature - vanity and nosiness."
But many who saw the original 7 Up will be unable to resist tuning in because, quite simply, nosiness is human nature.
Luna's tribulations, including grieving, a clueless boyfriend, and traitorous friends, will endear her to teen readers, as will her unrelenting nosiness. Luna's first-person narration, however, seems too mature for fourteen ("Every girl at this table will probably stress about food and weight when we're older, but why do it now?").
It can mean what you know in terms of your reading, just as I'd first instinctively deduced as a kid; it can mean 'what you know' from observation and plain old nosiness. But most of all it means 'what you know' from the inside.
I just wanted some of the old inappropriate nosiness, dammit.
Summary: Alfred Hitchcock's film "Rear Window" shows how nosiness can be elevated into an art form.