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Synonyms for nosher

someone who eats lightly or eats snacks between meals


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Rao Hassan of Rawalpindi Golf Club carded 208 to top the net category and was followed by Nosher Khan with 213 while Minhaj Maqsood Warraich finished on third spot.
QWHAT became of the boxer Nosher Powell from the 1950s?
Nosher and Siegel (8) described six patients in whom percutaneous extraction was successfully performed for removal of foreign bodies.
Spain DA, Trooskin SZ, Flancbaum L, Boyarsky AH, Nosher JL 1990 The adequacy and cost effectiveness of routine resuscitation-area cervical spine radiographs Annals of Emergency Medicine 19 276-278
Oxford trainer Nick Colton pulled out Minnies Woods, Furlong Fame and Called A Dream, who are all lame, Reading grader Medburn Nosher was also scratched, and, finally, Mal Cumner withdrew Wayward Bert.
Nosher explained how Scrappy Races differed from previous shows.
1983; Keen, Lancaster, & Binkley, 1995; Levy, Sherman, & Nosher, 1992; National Kidney Foundation [NKF], 1997a, 1997b; Polaschegg, 1995; Twardowski, Haynie, & Moore, 1999).
Sub-Inspector Mohammad Iqbal from Tarnol Police arrested Nosher Khan for having 350 gram hashish while Sub-Inspector Tasaduq from Shehzad Town Police nabbed Asghar in possession of 350 gram hashish.
Former Governor Punjab and Leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has stated this while addressing the Iftar Party hosted by PTI leader Chaudhary Nosher Maan.
Haider Khan, Haroon Khattak, Malik Khan Bashir, Adalat Khan, Haji Nosher Khan, Zahid Hayat, Opposition Leader Malik Juma Khan, Zulfiqar Khattak, Muhammad Ayaz Khan, Naila Naz and minority councilor Lajonti addressed the session.
NighttiMe NoSher Nighttime Noshers eat most of their food from dinner time and onward into the evening.
Nosher JL, Seaman WB: Association of intraluminal duodenal diverticulum with acute pancreatitis.