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Synonyms for nosey

Synonyms for nosey

offensively curious or inquisitive

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Yes, you sound both bitchy and nosey and I think it's you who are being pathetic.
Despite orders to cease involvement from the district's UN commandant (Simon Callow) and the internationally broadcast interference of a nosey British telejournalist (Katrin Cartlidge), Marchand does his best to alleviate the situation in the trench .
And cops told Robert they'd had a complaint from a nosey neighbour, who spotted him reading the sexy magazine in his own home.
The Garry Owen club, in Small Heath, and Nosey Parkers, in Digbeth, also stand to lose their licences.
The game will also feature an array of puzzle and adventure gameplay as players guide Harry through the halls of Hogwarts, sneaking around to avoid confrontations with nosey characters like Filch and Peeves.
secret state c4 10pm Idealistic PM Tom Dawkins (Gabriel Byrne, right) is at the centre of a political storm, and it doesn't help that Ellis Kane is sticking her nosey beak into his past.
A total of over 40 hardy hill runners turned out for two newish events held over the New Year period, the Rosey Nosey race at Rhydtalog, near Mold, and the Jubilee Plunge, a downhill race at Moel Famau.
Living across the landing from one another and nosey neighbour Isa in the Osprey Heights block of flats, the two cantankerous old men continue to rail against the inequities of modern life.
The fancied Rough Gerrard was four lengths away, with Seamus Cahill's Rooster Nosey taking third spot.
It got a bit nosey and put its head in a hole behind the kick plate area at the base of the machine,' said leading firefighter Huw Morse.
Compton Mackenzie used the expression to mean very curious in Carnival, his novel of 1912, in the line: "What of it Mr Nosey Parker?
The result, a room measuring 20 square metres, will have doors and windows through which passers-by are actually invited to be nosey.
Craig, the nosey next-door neighbor from visiting because she might mention some semblance of truth to Hazel, Jonathan exposes the depth of his self-delusion: ``Everything was fine between him and Hazel'' he tells us, ``until something, someone intruded from the outside world; then difficulties sprang up devouring the sweetness between them.
Five winners will each be getting a superb Paper:Mate space hopper and goodie bag and a further 25 runners-up will each get a goodie bag with a Nosey Parker pen, Paper:Mate yo-yo, mug and squeeze ball.
Raccoon in Tent: WCS offers tips on what to do if a camping trip is interrupted by a nosey raccoon making its way into the tent.