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a wheel located under the nose of an airplane that is part of the plane's landing gear

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Pilots new to the Grumman get all kinds of tense about that castering nosewheel, but there isn't really much to it.
I tried unsuccessfully to counter with nosewheel steering while simultaneously coming out of reverse.
Firstly, airliner nosewheels will be driven by electric motors providing a huge cost saving in fuel and in avoiding the wait for a tug on landing.
The agreement will see Dunlop Aircraft Tyres supply the two nosewheel and four mainwheel tyres for each of the 100-seat aircraft.
Early reports suggest the nosewheel collapse took place while still on the runway.
But at the very end Mattison did lose control, the aircraft got away from him, drove its nosewheel into the runway, and then began its deadly porpoise.
He was speaking just days after a Britannia Airways Boeing 767 skidded off the runway, coming to a halt with its nosewheel stuck in soft ground.
The report details how the drama had unfolded moments earlier when the nosewheel broke off as it hit the ground.
The nosewheel of an Italian G222 collapsed as it landed on the strip.
The first drama happened when the nosewheel of a British Airways jet collapsed and it slewed off the runway onto the grass.
The packed plane had careered through Burbank airport's boundary fence and across the busy main road after its nosewheel collapsed.
Since the computers controlling the braking system thought the plane was in the air, not only was the crew unable to use reverse thrust, but, more controversially, they were also unable to use nosewheel steering or main gear braking-services that would have been available on most other airliners in a similar situation.
The Spacelab D-1 mission's final accomplishment before Challenger rolled to a stop at California's Edwards Air Force Base was a test of a computerized steering system for the shuttle's nosewheel, designed to remedy brake damage and excess tire wear last suffered during an April landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
But the airplane racked up a number of firsts, including being the first successful production GA airplane that had a nosewheel, plus a fully cowled engine.