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a strap that is the part of a bridle that goes over the animal's nose


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the link between two lenses

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The intelligent manual nosepiece will output the objective position and internal magnification data out to DS-L2 and NIS-Elements for automatic scale calibration.
Clear lens with nosepiece (pack of 10) Regular 4240-01-527-4052 Clear lens with nosepiece (pack of 10) Large 4240-01-527-4061 Sunglass lens with nosepiece Regular 4240-01-527-4053 (pack of 10) Sunglass lens with nosepiece Large 4240-01-527-4063 (pack of 10) Head strap (pack of 10) -- 4240-01-527-4067 Prescription lens carrier with goggle -- 6540-01-527-4056 connector (pack of 10) Anti-fog, anti-static lens cleaning -- 4240-01-527-4068 spray (pack of 10) Item NSN ESS ICE 2 Kit.
A pioneering nosepiece design rotates 360 degrees, pivots, and slants in and out to provide a precise fit for almost any nose bridge.
Exchangeable nosepiece drills are designed so that the entire front piece of the drill--a carbide nose--is removable and can be easily changed when worn (Fig 3).
One piece of evidence: Scientists had observed that female dolphins born to sponge-sporting moms start donning a nosepiece by the time they're 2 or 3 years old.
As the operator activates the trigger on the tool head, a single rivet is set, the spent mandrel portion of the rivet is returned to the mandrel collector, and another rivet is automatically delivered to the ready position in the tool's nosepiece.
One of his latest acquisitions is a wooden nosepiece, which he fashioned himself.
It fits most faces and head shapes, has a soft inner panel for comfort, and has a conformable nosepiece that helps provide a secure seal.
For Brilliant Moisture lipcolor, Risdon-AMS produced a stock square slimline package including cap, base and nosepiece which are molded in dark blue polypropylene.
It offers a proper fit for most faces and head shapes, has a soft inner panel for increased comfort, while the conformable nosepiece helps provide a customized fit and secure seal.
CudaSpree spectacles safety eyewear features an adjustable nosepiece, and four-point adjustable cable temple for curved or straight fit.
The N95 Particulate Respirators are NIOSH approved and designed to offer maximum protection, according to the company, with a soft inner lining and triple shell construction for comfort and an adjustable nosepiece for proper fit.
Along the way she is introduced to no less than five kings - one of whom with his silver nosepiece bears a striking resemblance to Hannibal Lector.
Its other features, which are the same as the M2000DFMN model, include a reverse nosepiece, a one-piece stage/stage holder, a .
You have a nosepiece supplying you with a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which will make you feel pleasantly drowsy.