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having no nose


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Playing his victim, the mysteriously noseless Kovalyov, baritone Paulo Szot, cowers on a bed, singing and yelping on pitch (oceans away from the suave, sexy Emile de Becque that Szot created for South Pacific next door at the Vivian Beaumont Theater).
I pass the noseless, one-handed statue of Serenity; the man proselytizing his wary friend; someone who, I suspect, is a foot fetishist rather than a podiatrist as he claims; and a police poster, seeking information about a man found fatally injured here.
Some statue thus, the garden's ancient boast, Of naked Venus, smirking at the frost, Or bounteous Ceres, with her wheaten crown, Defac'd by truants, or by time cast down; Not exil'd wholly from the pleasure ground, (Tho' noseless now, and somewhat batter'd found) O'er stable-gate, or kennel-door presides, Or bashful guest to squalid temple guides.
Paul Ledley, of Pentrebane, Cardiff, who has unearthed a picture of the anteater that lost its nose The complete anteater on the famous Animal Wall of Cardiff Castle and, inset, how the noseless beast looks currently
Connie Culp's new look was a far cry from the puckered, noseless sight that made children run away in horror five years ago after a shotgun blast took away the centre of her face.
Connie Culp's new look is a world away from the puckered, noseless sight that made children run away in horror five years ago after a shotgun blast by her husband destroyed the centre of her face.
stone is torso, one leg and arm, a noseless face with sunken eyes and
But who cares when we canthrill to the wit and wisdom of Michael Jackson's noseless sister La Toya?
Considering they're basically noseless tadpoles, the inhabitants of "Terra's title planet are an endearing group, and their world is the fully realized offspring of dreamy imagination and CGI.
A NOSELESS, one-eyed kitten that sparked debate last year over whether it was a hoax is going on display in a new museum aimed at promoting the theory of creationism.
Half his face has been blown off, he is noseless and almost eyeless, and the stump of an arm protrudes, like a stick, from his sleeve, which Beckmann grips with one hand while he points "the way home" with the other.
Under Ruth's skin, he sees, smiles the sly noseless one.