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bleeding from the nose

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Nosebleed happens after a severe head injury or a blow to the face.
Ann Marie Sherry had regular nosebleeds and tiredness as a youngster.
Local media reports stated that she had suffered a nosebleed and was experiencing physical discomfort.
"It's important for doctors to think more deeply and recognise that sometimes a nosebleed is more than just a nosebleed," he said.
He also shared that it was his first time to experience a nosebleed.
A The many blood vessels in your nose are susceptible to rupture and nosebleeds. And, considering that your nose protrudes from your face, it's prone to trauma that can cause bleeding.
He may have had three nosebleeds when he got into the penalty box but he was great all day.
The session's second part involved a practical demonstration of how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); emergency number dialling; and mutual first aid for suffocation, choking, and nosebleed. The students were also trained in the content and use of first-aid kit.
After another nosebleed, the physician packed the right nasal cavity.
Mills, who has ridden six winners on the Flat, nine over jumps and took part in last year's Fegentri series, said she had been devastated by the incident, which she attributed to a nosebleed she got at the start when she was struck in the face by Celtic Sixpence throwing her head back.
An IGAD source later told Sudan Tribune that president Kiir had suffered a nosebleed brought on by "stress".
In a written statement issued yesterday, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said the president underwent nasal cauterisation following a nosebleed and was admitted to the specialised hospital in the afternoon where he remained overnight for purely precautionary reasons.
President of the Republic who traveled to Brussels to take part in the European Council meeting, yesterday suffered a prolonged nosebleed and was admitted to a hospital where tests established that he was suffering from hypertension.
The 22-year-old man experienced a nosebleed once or twice a month for around three years, before he consulted a doctor.
Proceedings in the case " were briefly halted after Contostavlos got a nosebleed in the dock.