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a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse)


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On this evidence, Owen will be admiring nosebags in the paddock at Chester races when the World Cup kicks off in South Africa next year.
They will be totally immersed in the life of their subject animal, eating from troughs or nosebags, sleeping in the rough with them and nosing around the sty or stable in an attempt to get a closer understanding of the animal kingdom.
And third, always remove nosebags promptly after feeding, because a horse that gets into water while wearing one can easily drown.
"You might as well feed them with nosebags full of fivers" - Actor Nathaniel Parker, on his racehorses.
While casks are unloaded, the horses stand munching oats in their nosebags outside pubs with names like the King's Arms, The Grapes and The Old Sergeant.
The ones who used to be union militants and now can't get off their backsides to walk out when their leaders attack the kind of men they used to be before they got their faces into the nosebags.