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a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse)


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The Redwings' Nosebag Cafe is in a wonderful, Alpine-style building that used to be a riding school.
Racegoers' guide to what's going on around the tracks BEVERLEY returns to action on Wednesday with pounds 200,000 worth of new facilities, including the creation of the Nosebag cafeteria and provision of extra washroom facilities in place of the Jockeys' Loft restaurant.
I have considered the option of the nosebag but feel, at 15, perhaps a hessian sack stuffed with food, hanging round his neck, would be a little embarrassing.
Nosebag Horse-obsessed Alexander, wearing a helmet, long shorts and a horse's nosebag, would nonchalantly munch oats from his nosebag while Mr Fowls scoffed buns.
Being a red-hot Liverpool fan, she resisted the temptation to put something nasty in Becks' nachos or Ruud's nosebag.
He writes: "The team were having their lunchtime nosebag and the draymen must have been inside having their dinner hour.
Sometimes we pulled on the nosebag in a delightful bistro in one of the little squares of the Barri Gotic (the Gothic Quarter).
The best thing, though, is that you don't even have to leave your desk to get yourself some of this quality nosebag -they have a delivery service.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Islamic 9 Email 10 Endow 11 Ovation 12 Moo 13 Eyesight 16 Migraine 17 Lap 19 Vivaldi 21 Ripen 22 Tinge 23 Humerus DOWN: 1 Dilemma 2 Gladioli 3 Smew 4 Relative 5 Magi 6 Slang 8 Close finish 13 Enrolled 14 Heliport 15 Spanish 18 Evita 20 Vine 21 Rome QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Trade secret 8 Who 9 Dad 11 Helping 12 Chime 13 One 14 Ten 15 Uttered 17 Ear 19 Edge 21 Acre 23 Ogle 25 Sumo 27 War 29 Nosebag 31 Ate 34 Lob 36 Drain 37 Outcome 38 Yes 39 Gel 40 Keep an eye on DOWN: 1 Then 2 Role 3 Drifter 4 Sighed 5 Cycle 6 Edit 7 Tame 8Whole 10 Dense 16 Del 18 Ram 20 Dew 22 Con 24 Ghastly 25 Shady 26 Renown 28 Rebel 30 Own up 32 Trek 33Ease 34Logo 35Omen
Manic Italian Gino D'Acampo and shrieking co-host Melanie Sykes noisily knocking up nosebag "live in your living rooms".
If the pony had been allowed to purchase a foal fare, once on board, it wouldn't have been playing its iPod too loud, dumping its nosebag on the seat next door to pretend it is occupied or braying: "I'M ON THE TRAIN
The paddock enclosure has restaurants, bars, snack trailers and hospitality suites: we passed up the chance of champagne and oysters and had baps and a pie from The Nosebag, which were tasty if a touch modestly-sized.
It's perfect if you fancy kicking back, forgetting your woes and settling down to some seriously nice nosebag at lunchtimes, dinner or even for a snack.
You're so ugly you could make a horse back away from a nosebag.
I've occasionally gone out with the two of them for some nosebag on England tours and they are an endearing double act.