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  • verb

Synonyms for nose-dive

to come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily

to undergo a sharp, rapid descent in value or price

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A deal with a developer who was going to build to LINES's specifications fell through when the economy started to nose-dive and the planned balancing act between profit and nonprofit endeavor began to look too shaky.
Funds secured from the sale of the division, which specialises in thermal surveillance systems for the automobile and medical sectors, will be channelled towards reducing debt, according to Spirent, which recently saw its share value nose-dive on the London stock exchange following a profit warning.
This is a humiliating blow for Anthea but not as humiliating as her career nose-dive since she teamed up with Bovey, and at least the blow won't leave as many bruises as the ones Bruno Brookes used to give her.
They are also exploring whether interference from a naval transmitter or even a passenger's laptop caused the Qantas flight to nose-dive over the Australian coast on October 17.
The research found that the crisis at Northern Rock and the credit crunch has caused people's confidence in banks and building societies to nose-dive dramtically
Witness Julie Williams, 40, said: "We expected him to pull out of the nose-dive, but he was going too fast and hit the ground.
ROB'S TERROR: Alone as plane began to nose-dive ON STANDBY: An RAF ambulance by the runway at Woodvale Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
Neil Warnock's side have endured a miserable run of form which has seen their promotion hopes nose-dive.
Shoppers have shunned the stores, leading to a nose-dive in profits from pounds 31.
NOSE-DIVE The wrecked plane on election day BLOODY UKIP leader walks away from crash ACCUSED Justin Adams WRECKAGE Farage is helped from the plane