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  • verb

Synonyms for nose-dive

to come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily

to undergo a sharp, rapid descent in value or price

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The research found that the crisis at Northern Rock and the credit crunch has caused people's confidence in banks and building societies to nose-dive dramtically
Almost immediately after the acquisition, sales started to nose-dive.
Sir Kenneth Hayr, aged 66, of Avon Dassett, and avionics technician Jonathan Kerr, aged 32, were flying a vintage RAF fighter at the Biggin Hill Air Show in Kent when it "flipped over" and went into a nose-dive on June 2 last year.
NOSE-DIVE The wrecked plane on election day BLOODY UKIP leader walks away from crash ACCUSED Justin Adams WRECKAGE Farage is helped from the plane
Now they're in a nose-dive, 0-3 in a disastrous week and a half.
ROB'S TERROR: Alone as plane began to nose-dive ON STANDBY: An RAF ambulance by the runway at Woodvale Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
NORTHERN Ireland property prices will nose-dive if the Republic's new toxic assets agency dumps developments on the market, it was warned yesterday.
Witness Julie Williams, 40, said: "We expected him to pull out of the nose-dive, but he was going too fast and hit the ground.
With the Tailslide, known as "Kolokol" in Russian, the pilot pulls the jetfighter up nearly perpendicular to the ground and kills the engines, allowing the plane to "slide" down thousands of feet, tail first, before assuming a nose-dive position.
One man who went to his aid said: "He ejected and saw the plane nose-dive.
Neil Warnock's side have endured a miserable run of form which has seen their promotion hopes nose-dive.
Shoppers have shunned the stores, leading to a nose-dive in profits from pounds 31.
When the 'cure' turned out to be worse than the disease, morale among our technicians took a nose-dive.
Someday, maybe years or decades in the future, their revenues will nose-dive, loyalists will be imprisoned or dead, and new recruits will be harder to come by.
Who should lose their job: Creators/executive producers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, who need to be sent back to prevent their earlier brainchild ``Will & Grace'' from taking the same nose-dive this is destined to perform.