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front consisting of the conical head of a missile or rocket that protects the payload from heat during its passage through the atmosphere


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Commenting, Warwick Sub Project Leader, the team was "extremely happy" with the end result of the nose cone, "especially the transparency of the polycarbonate.
2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Nacelle Cover and Nose Cone Industry was published by QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on May 2010.
Briton Jenson Button, damaging a nose cone en route.
The Navy designed the new bomb nose cone castings, which require Grade C radiography testing, to minimize machining costs.
We are looking at ways to protest by either painting a black armband on the plane or giving it a black nose cone.
The Boeing 757, flying from Detroit, landed in Tampa, Florida on Sunday (6 July) with a dent in its fibreglass nose cone.
The nose cone is home to a Saab-Thales electronically-scanned array radar.
But then encountering old adversary Fernando Alonso, Hamilton ran into the back of the Spaniard's Renault, losing his nose cone in the process.
The giant bomber had machine guns and an instrument allowing the bombardier to control the plane from the nose cone.
Originally his Gulfstream bore the words OSweet NicO on the nose cone, but now Tom has had them replaced with his daughter IsabellaOs name.
For the sculpture Imprint of the Nose Cone of a Glider, 2005, a glider was carried into the gallery to create an imprint in a square of orthopedic foam, normally used to make insoles for human, walking feet, not the noses of flying planes.
Despite its tightly drawn curves, lightweight aluminum structure, high performance potential and surprising rear hatch, this new Jaguar looks like a badge-engineered Aston Martin DB9 with an ersatz Jaguar E-Type/Ford Taurus nose cone.
The Poly-Puller has many excellent features including a polyurethane nose cone that has proven to be extremely durable in all types of conditions.
A private Italian bidder paid nearly pounds 115,000 for a piece of British aviation history yesterday when he bought a Concorde nose cone at auction.
And even its planes are joining in the fun, with a newly-named aircraft ``Red nose baby'', complete with red nose cone, taking to the skies.