nose candy

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street names for cocaine

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Cocaine: The white powder is also known as Coke, Yayo, Coco, Coca, Cocaina, Betty White, Anna Nicole, Snow, Crack, Powder, Dust, Flake, Toot, Blow, Rock, Gator Tails, Monster Lines, Bernice, Nose Candy, Candy, Line, Bump, Stash, Pearl, Basa, White, Santa, Baseball, C, Big Rush and Rail.
The former owner of Sports Card Plus and Rogers Photo Archive of North Little Rock mentioned his taste for nose candy on Facebook on Sept.
Greed isn''t just good, it''s a cornerstone of this gaudy, hallucinogenic American dream, allowing the unscrupulous to prey on the weak in order to finance flashy apartments, fast cars and copious amounts of nose candy.
In recent years, cardiology studies have provided a second motive for doing this "nose candy" testing: the prevalence of circulatory consequences linked to both occasional and habitual use.
So I called the boys in production, passed round a couple of flasks of Bolivian nose candy and a bucket of Red Bull, and we got to work.