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Synonyms for northwestward

the compass point midway between north and west

toward the northwest

Related Words

in a northwestward direction

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This Tropical Cyclone is likely to intensify further and move northwestward in next 24 hrs a spokesperson of the met office told.
In particular, the map shows a band of solid trophy counties running from around the Twin Cities northwestward toward the North Dakota border.
The road runs along the river, from the Lorane area northwestward, until it connects to Highway 126.
Since 2000, Hobbies have nested sporadically in northeast Wales, part of a northwestward spread through the English Midlands, benefiting from management of old gravel extraction for wildlife (and so plenty of dragonflies).
Manila, July 11 (BNA) - Typhoon Huaning, moving in a west northwestward direction, increased its speed to 185 kmph Thursday morning, the Philippines weather forecast administration said.
It was blowing northwestward and could be headed to Vietnam or southern China, according to government forecasters.
This led to much speculation that the Semitic Hebrews of the Bible had mixed genetically with Aryan Hittites, and that the northwestward migrating Diaspora Jews assimilated into their gene pool red-haired Khazars and various other European strains.
Andres is forecast to continue moving northwestward until it dissipates," the centre said.
In the last two weeks in November, wife Mary and I traveled with a group of cactophiles from Cordoba (roughly in the middle of the country), northwestward towards the Andes and the Bolivian border.
Several studies have suggested that CRF07_BC originated in China's Yunnan Province, with subtype B' from Thailand mixing with subtype C from India before moving northwestward to Xinjiang Province along a major Chinese heroin trafficking route (4-6).
With winds of 50-55 knots, Frances continued on a northwestward direction and made a final landfall near the mouth of Aucilla River late on September 6.
An even more powerful typhoon, Typhoon Chaba, was located about 410 km west-northwest of Saipan and moving northwestward at 20 kph.
The uppermost yellowish till formed by a glacier originating in Nova Scotia that flowed northwestward, skirting the west coast of New Brunswick.
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