northwest wind

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a wind from the northwest

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In early fall, you want a northwest wind," Chmura agrees.
The day will be cloudy with a high near 30 and a northwest wind around 8 mph.
The operators claim that during periods of surplus the BPA should pay California power generators to curtail their production, offering Northwest wind power as a substitute.
com)-- Pacific Northwest Wind, located in Salem, Oregon has developed a wind turbine that will generate 600 watts of power on average and produces up to 900 watts in a 25 mph wind.
On a cold January day with a northwest wind whipping snow sideways, Cambrian College instructor Bruce Cowton had his first-year powerline technician apprentices-in-training harnessed and aloft 15 feet on poles hand-tossing a hacky-sack to one another.
It was cold, no doubt about it--and not just your normal, everyday cold, but an eastern Iowa cold, complete (of course) with a relentless northwest wind that combined to drop temperatures to around the -20 to -30 degree mark.
At times, when the phantasmagoria of Pea's prose momentarily lifts in order to reveal almost Cezanne-like notations of local landscape, we hear the old miglior fabbro turning out sentences as splendid as any in Joyce: "Gulls at rest on the sea-water, in little groups, crowds of them further off, others scattered over a sea fanned by a cool northwest wind.
As the precipitation ended, a cold northwest wind, ushered in temperatures at least five degrees below freezing.
Table 2 shows the percentage of northwest wind for the three defined speed ranges, by year; p refers to the comparison between the year under consideration and 1998.
Skiron, the northwest wind, dries up rivers with scattered coals.
Early on a Sunday morning last fall, a squintingly brilliant sunshine and an invigorating northwest wind presented a glorious November day on Long Island's Great South Bay.
The Stateline project is only the beginning for Northwest wind power.
A strong northwest wind had served to deposit these specimens among the drift just above the high water line approximately 500 m south of the U.
Lookouts peered into a sleet-laden northwest wind and the scene below Vimy Ridge prompted little enthusiasm.
When his wife, <IR> MINNEHAHA </IR> , becomes ill, he leaves with her for the land of the Northwest Wind, and departs with a message to extend brotherhood to the white man.
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