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Synonyms for northward

the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees

moving toward the north


Related Words

in a northern direction

References in classic literature ?
The forests for 600 miles northward of Cape Horn, have a very similar aspect.
400 miles still further northward, I may mention that in Chiloe (corresponding in latitude with the northern parts of Spain) the peach seldom produces fruit, whilst strawberries and apples thrive to perfection.
Although the humid and equable climate of Chiloe, and of the coast northward and southward of it, is so unfavourable to our fruits, yet the native forests, from lat.
In central Chile, on the other hand, a little northward of Concepcion, the sky is generally clear, rain does not fall for the seven summer months, and southern European fruits succeed admirably; and even the sugar-cane has been cultivated.
Not so," replied I; "besides your motion of Northward and Southward, there is another motion which I call from right to left.
Perhaps Paraguay offers the most curious instance of this; for here neither cattle nor horses nor dogs have ever run wild, though they swarm southward and northward in a feral state; and Azara and Rengger have shown that this is caused by the greater number in Paraguay of a certain fly, which lays its eggs in the navels of these animals when first born.
Thence they turned northward, and came through Cambridge and Lincolnshire, to the good town of Gainsborough.
Thence he turned his footsteps northward, traveling for a great distance by way of Warwick Town, till he came to Dudley, in Staffordshire.
When he heard that Robin Hood had once more slipped out of the trap, he stayed not a minute, but, gathering his bands together, he pushed forward to the northward with speed, leaving orders for all the troops that came to Saint Albans to follow after him without tarrying.
For three days Robin abided in London in the Queen's household, and at the end of that time the King's head Page, Edward Cunningham, came, and taking Robin with him, departed northward upon his way to Sherwood.
It was the headman who awoke him shortly after sun rise to remind him that they must at once take up their northward journey.
So the Tankadere kept steadily on her northward track.
Moved by a sudden thought, I looked northward, and there I perceived a third of these cloudy black kopjes had risen.
We rather incline to the opinion that the highest peak is further to the northward, and is the same measured by Mr.
Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) has decided to cut 176 extra flights of China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Air to Taiwan during the holidays in response to their use of four flight paths, including the M503 northward route that closely follows the middle line of the Taiwan Strait.
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