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of or relating to the Arctic


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Earlier radar observations indicated that the Martian north-polar layered deposits are mostly ice.
The Venera north-polar map shows domes in every direction, although they appear particularly common in two regions.
He called his proposal Phoenix (after the mythical bird that rises from its ashes), built a compelling case for exploring the Martian north-polar region, and assembled a team that included many of my old MPL colleagues.
Previous observations had indicated only a slight north-polar warming.
Phoenix will sample the north-polar soil, where remote observations indicate lots of ice just below the surface.
In 1986, says Binzel, Charon's orbit carried it so that it sometimes passed over Pluto's north-polar region as seen from Earth, and sometimes Pluto itself got in the way.
The probe's north-polar pass will occur next year from September 3rd to December 12th.
The north-polar sojourn of the former was detailed in the October issue, page 71.