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Blood analysis in dynamics showed mild elevation of transaminases (ALT=96 IU/l; AST=97 IU/l), normochromic normocytic anemia (Hb=7.
Bloodwork revealed a normocytic anemia (Hgb 111) and an elevated serum creatinine (Cr 127).
Laboratory tests were normal besides a normochromic, normocytic anemia with 35% hematocrit and 48 mm/h erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
Laboratory tests showed normochromic normocytic anemia (Hgb = 7.
Complete blood count revealed normochromic normocytic anemia with thrombocytopenia (hemoglobin 9.
Most anemic older adults with folate deficiency have normocytic anemia, with symptoms of this deficiency indistinguishable from [B.
8) Riboflavin deficiency can cause a normochromic, normocytic anemia and reticulocytopenia that responds to supplementation.
Normocytic anemia, often resulting from acute blood loss, features RBCs with normal morphology and Hb.
Laboratory investigation showed normocytic anemia (blood hemoglobin, 77.
verified by a CBC, which showed a MCV of 80, indicating mild normocytic anemia.
Salient laboratory findings included elevated liver enzymes, depressed cholesterol, and mild hypochromic normocytic anemia.