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a person who normalizes


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Ct (Cycle threshold) was the number of cycles required for the flourecent signal to croos the threshold, while DCt was the difference Ct value between both gene of interest (GOI) and normalizer gene.
Question normalizer and question generator is responsible for question formation.
The normalizer of a Sylow r-subgroup is the set of upper triangular matrices with determinant 1, so the order of the normalizer is r (r - 1).
Normalization factor for each sample was calculated as described by Kroh et al (30): The median of the normalizer [C.
The multisubjectivity of Obama ranges from a post-9/11 normalizer to a postracist United States.
The IO-360 engine delivers satisfying acceleration, climb and cruise, and there are several STCs available to improve the book performance figures, including the IO-390 upgrade, the Tornado Alley turbo normalizer and the Firewall Forward high-compression pistons.
Over the last 3 years that I have been a serious activist for Palestinian human rights I have faced some major challenges, one of the most interesting has been my sometimes harsh criticism of my fellow Pro-Palestinians in the international community which has resulted in the accusation that I myself am a Normalizer for the occupation.
However, the normalizer question for G [member of] [[GAMMA].
While education is considered the great normalizer, a way to achieve the American dream, that dream is often only realized by those in the racial and cultural majority, or White Americans; education is not equitable, as evidenced by the disparity in standardized test scores, high school graduation rates, and other benchmarks between African American, Native American, Asian American, Latino, and White students, even from the same socio-economic level.
They made the international audit normalizer (IAASB) revise the standard ISA 320 and emit the new standard ISA 450.
Yet official/corporate Egypt was itself a willing normalizer (the natural gas deal, for example), and unofficial indiscriminate boycotts denied Egyptians a prerequisite of public awareness - interaction.
By optimizing two different grind technologies, and incorporating the (optional) MPE normalizer, the G7 produces a final ultrafine product with an optimal particle shape, density, uniformity and cool temperature.
There are quantum codes that can be used to show that a small sub-set of elementary quantum gates: Hadamard, phase, CNOT, called the normalizer group, can be implemented in a fault-tolerant manner.
PressMax is a color normalizer than can save printers up to 30 percent on ink.